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Imperial-Oel-Import is a part of ImperialOel, a family-owned business headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 1920, we are an owner-managed business that supplies industrial customers with lanolin and its derivatives as our core global business, building on the parent company’s tradition of supplying oleochemicals. Working with our manufacturing partners in Europe and Asia, we advise and support leading global businesses involved in the production of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and chemical specialties.

ImperialOel is a highly specialised, owner-managed ingredient company supplying a growing list of worldwide customers in multiple industries with natural oils, waxes, and fatty acids.Wool grease, lanolin and lanolin derivatives have been at the heart of ImperialOel’s business since its founding 1920. Today, as one of the world’s largest independent suppliers of lanolin products, ImperialOel provides a diverse range of demand-oriented solutions that includes modern lanolins and derivatives, such as alcohols and various lanolin fractions. Our LANIS and LANIS TECH brands play an important role in cosmetic/pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

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