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Azelis receives 2023 Ringier Technology Innovation Award for Personal Care

Azelis, a leading innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry, is pleased to announce it has been recognized with the 2023 Ringier Technology Innovation Award for Personal Care, together with valued partner Tagra Biotechnologies1 (“Tagra”).

Azelis China’s Personal Care team received the award based on their technical knowledge of Tagra’s WS Biotin™, which includes extensive assessment, technical research and analysis of WS Biotin™’s efficacy, functionality and sustainable characteristics. WS Biotin™ is a water-soluble Biotin that can be formulated in a wide range of applications, from hair care to skin care.

The award illustrates Azelis’ commitment to provide innovative solutions through comprehensive ingredient knowledge together with formulation expertise. Azelis’ long-standing successful relationship with Tagra earned their trust in allowing Azelis to promote Tagra’s products and recommend WS Biotin™for the 2023 Ringier Technology Innovation Award. The award further demonstrates the value Azelis brings to the personal care industry as a partner in innovation with in-depth technical expertise. Azelis and Tagra previously won the 2019 Ringier Technology Innovation Award for CelluCap™ Resveratrol.

Jackson Chu, Azelis China Managing Director, says:
“This award demonstrates our Personal Care team’s ambition to provide innovative solutions to our partners, through the combined efforts of our laboratory and sales teams. Together, they have curated a comprehensive portfolio of ingredients that enable us to create innovative formulations. Combining Tagra’s pioneering ingredients and Azelis’ technical expertise allow for new opportunities in the Chinese personal care market, a winning mixture of ingredients and innovative solutions.”

Biotin is a common supplement, also known as Vitamin B7, that plays a critical role in a handful of metabolic processes such as 1) stimulating keratin growth, which is responsible for healthy hair, nails, and skin, and 2) improving the skin’s pigmentation, hydration, smoothness, and appearance. Biotin typically has low solubility in water-based formulations, while WS Biotin™ is 100 times more soluble than free Biotin, which greatly improves the amount of Biotin used in water-based formulations. WS Biotin™ is stable and easy to use in formulations including cold process ones, does not require any solvents or solubilizers, and is also gentle on skin. A higher Biotin concentration allows for the design and development of more effective hair care and skin care products, with core benefits that include stronger, thicker hair strands, a healthy scalp, skin whitening and enhanced skin barrier regulation.

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