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May 2024

A conversation with Ajit Lomate, Independent Fragrance Creation and Development Consultant

Editor’s Note: Ajit Lomate is an independent Fragrance Creation and Development Consultant specializing in Beauty Care and Air Care. With a decade of experience in Fragrance Development at L’Oréal, he has worked extensively across Southeast Asia, South Africa, and the Sub-Saharan region.

EURO COSMETICS: Ajit, thank you for sharing your article on Evolution of Perfume and taking the time for a short interview. Do you want to start by telling us how did you fulfill your dream of becoming a perfumer?
Ajit Lomate: I grew up in a small village in India, surrounded by the distinctive smells of a variety of native flowers and fruits. This rich sensory environment sparked my curiosity about smells and fragrances, ultimately leading me to Mumbai and a career in the world of fragrance.

EURO COSMETICS: What has drawn your interest and commitment to the perfume industry?
Ajit Lomate: What truly excites me about this industry is the ability to express emotions and tell stories through fragrances.

EURO COSMETICS: And can you tell us what services you offer?
Ajit Lomate: As a Fragrance Development expert, I focus on creating olfactory strategies for brands or specific product category with a key emphasis on consumer insights, trend analysis, and product formulation.

EURO COSMETICS: What is it you love about this job?
Ajit Lomate: What truly fascinates me is the ability to be both creative and scientific simultaneously.

EURO COSMETICS: Please tell us more about your BergaSun sun protection product line.
Ajit Lomate: It consists of four chemical UV filters. BergaS

EURO COSMETICS: What do you think are the most important considerations in choosing perfumes?
Ajit Lomate: Understanding your consumers and their expectations is crucial when choosing a fragrance.

EURO COSMETICS: How would you describe long-lasting perfumes and the challenges of delivering?
Ajit Lomate: The perception of “long-lasting” can be quite subjective. For some consumers, 24 hours is considered impressive, while others may not be satisfied even with 72 hours of longevity. Certain olfactive families, such as heavy florals, woody, ambery, and oriental notes, tend to create longer-lasting fragrances compared to citrus colognes. Personally, I believe a well-balanced perfume with a linear character that lasts more than 12 hours is already a good perfume.

EURO COSMETICS: What about Fragrances trends? Do they differ depending on where the fragrance is used and influenced by cultural factors?
Ajit Lomate: Yes, fragrance trends vary by category, target group, and geographical location.

EURO COSMETICS: And niche fragrance trends?
Ajit Lomate: Niche fragrance trends vary significantly. In this category, the influence of the perfumer, brand owner, and brand story is substantial. The origin of a brand plays an important role in shaping its olfactive elements.

EURO COSMETICS: Brands are increasingly building on consumers’ association between scents and mood. How is your experience?
Ajit Lomate: Certainly, linking fragrances with moods or overall wellness is becoming increasingly popular. While it poses challenges, it also offers opportunities to expand creativity and deepen consumer understanding.

EURO COSMETICS: Which scent lifts our mood?
Ajit Lomate: I love citrus cologne, fresh marine and watery notes.

EURO COSMETICS: Will artificial intelligence (AI) compose perfumes in the future and thus replace perfumers?
Ajit Lomate: AI may be able to compose fragrances, but it will never fully grasp the geographical and cultural nuances that impact scent preferences. This connection between olfactives and cultural context is crucial in creating a fragrance that resonates deeply with people. Therefore, if you aim to create a fragrance that truly moves human hearts, it’s essential to collaborate with skilled perfumers who understand these intricacies.

EURO COSMETICS: Ajit, thank you for speaking with us.

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