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Brenntag Specialties and KRONOS extend exclusive distribution agreement for Pharma and Beauty & Personal Care customers in EMEA

EURO COSMETICS Magazine • Brenntag Specialties and KRONOS extend exclusive distribution agreement for Pharma and Beauty & Personal Care customers in EMEA • Euro Cosmetics • Euro Cosmetics
  • The agreement strengthens the existing relationship with a leading supply partner of Brenntag Specialties’ Life Science businesses
  • Customers in the EMEA region can continue to rely on Brenntag Specialties as a supplier of Titanium dioxide pigments (TiO2) for Pharma and Beauty & Personal Care applications

Brenntag, the global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution, today announced an extension of the existing exclusive distribution agreement with KRONOS for Titanium dioxide pigments (TiO2) in the EMEA region. Purified titanium dioxide from KRONOS are effective colorants used in a wide range of applications. The distribution agreement includes KRONOS products for Brenntag Specialties’ customers in Life Science segments, which include pharmaceutical as well as cosmetics and personal care applications.

In scope are the Titanium Dioxide grades KRONOS 1171, KRONOS 2071 and KRONOS 2171, which comply with the product safety legislation 1223/2009/EC (cosmetics), various Pharmacopoeias (Ph. Eur., USP, BP and JP), COSMOS and FSSC 22000. Brenntag Specialties holds a strong foothold in the EMEA-wide Life Science industry and provides a platform to distribute the KRONOS product range to customers.

“In the spirit of continued cooperation and shared success, this renewal marks a pivotal moment in our long-standing collaboration, further solidifying the strategic partnership between Brenntag and KRONOS. We look forward to another period of collaboration and growth,” said Michael Wilkop, Regional President of Brenntag Specialties Beauty & Care / HI&I EMEA.

“The partnership with KRONOS perfectly complements our broad and reliable portfolio of excipients trusted by our customers. In this way, we not only meet global standards in quality and functionality, but also ensure security of supply and first-class expertise for our customers in the pharmaceutical industry,” added Joakim Rehné, Regional President of Brenntag Specialties Pharma EMEA.

“We are enthusiastic about strengthening our partnership with Brenntag Specialties in EMEA! Our extended exclusive distribution agreement reflects a strong bond, delivering cutting-edge solutions for Pharma and Beauty & Personal Care customers. Together, we’re shaping a brighter future in Life Science segments,” said Jochen Kürn, Director Global Customer Performance at KRONOS.


KRONOS, one of the world’s leading producers of high-quality titanium dioxide pigments, owes its market position to the quality of its products and its long-standing technical experience. KRONOS’ production capacity is at approximately 550,000 metric tons per year. KRONOS benefits specifically from its long-term know-how and competence based on these decades of experience. KRONOS has six manufacturing sites, which are located in five countries on two continents: in Europe in Leverkusen and Nordenham/Germany, in Fredrikstad/Norway and in Ghent/Belgium; in North America in Lake Charles, Louisiana/USA, and in Varennes, Quebec/Canada.

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