BYK personal care additives for the cosmetics industry

The care applications section of the specialty chemicals expert BYK has expanded its portfolio. Besides its home care and industrial and institutional products, already familiar under the brand name PURABYK, BYK now also has a range of additives on offer as of January 1, 2024 for the personal care industry.

BYK additives are hugely varied and versatile, improving the most widely diverse of formulation systems. They stabilize particles and active substances in skin care, sun protection, antiperspirants, color cosmetics, and other products. They control flow behavior, influence product stability, display absorptive, matting, and binding properties, and they result in a particularly pleasant skin sensation. The portfolio further contains a selection of additives for natural cosmetics that are in compliance with the specifications of COSMOS and/or NATRUE.
Discover an overview as well as application recommendations for interesting effects in our personal care applications at

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