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A new step for the consortium

Two years ago, we announced the formation of an unprecedented consortium named “DNA & Cosmetics” whose objective is to guarantee the traceability of plant-based raw materials. Proof of the desire of the cosmetic’s sector to reinforce the transparency and security of supplies, a new step was taken at the beginning of March with the signing of a pre-consortium agreement by the historical players. This new phase is accompanied by a call for applications for companies, cosmetic groups and ingredient suppliers, wishing to join the first cosmetics consortium serving the traceability of natural resources through DNA analysis.

EURO COSMETICS Magazine • DNA & COSMETICS:<br>A new step for the consortium • Euro Cosmetics • Euro Cosmetics

This consortium revolves around DNA Gensee, a company specialised in the field of plant biotechnology, founded in 2012. The latter just announced a fundraising of €600,000 to support its growth and fulfil the irreversible demand for its genetic analyses of plants. Fortified by its own DNA analysis technologies and those of its network of very innovative partners, DNA Gensee offers manufacturers unique tools and a complete solution to face the major current challenges and risks:

  • demand for traceability and transparency by consumers who increasingly request proof of the origin and quality of products,
  • risks related to abundant frauds, especially in the supply chains of raw materials such as spices, hemp, honey, spirulina, teas, aromatic plants, perfume plants, etc.
  • need to reduce the environmental and social impact, thanks to more rational and sustainable sourcing (objectives of the UN and the Convention on Genetic Diversity).

Players in the cosmetics sector, sharing the same values of rigor and respect for the consumer and the planet, can cooperate and participate in this approach to contribute to the common good and promoting the sector.

Initiated in 2018 by DNA Gensee (innovative genetics small sized company, created in 2012, based in Savoie- France), expert in DNA analysis of plants, algae and beehive products, the “DNA & Cosmetics” Consortium aims to provide models to the cosmetics/perfume sector to ensure the safety of plant raw materials and allow for better control of natural resources from the plant to the consumer.

The cooperation between competing actors of the chain sharing the same conviction as well as their knowledge and know-how allows to move towards more ethical, more sustainable and, consequently, more secure production models.


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