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Evonik celebrates 70 years in Brazil and achievements in the Central and South American region

•Investments and expansion in recent years reinforcethe long-term vision for the region
•Focus on profitable growth by fostering innovativesolutions/products together with customers

Evonik, one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies, with a focus on innovative and sustainable solutions, is celebrating its 70 years of presence in Brazil in 2023. The company commemorates its achievements not only in the country but throughout Central and South America, reaffirming its commitment to grow its regional business.

Since its foundation on October 29, 1953, in São Paulo (SP), the company has undergone significant transformations. At its inception, it formed part of the former Degussa, whose name was an acronym in German for “company for gold and silver recovery,” Throughout the years, the company, headquartered in Germany, evolved through various mergers, spin-offs, and acquisitions to focus increasingly on specialty chemicals.

The creation of Evonik Industries in 2007 was also a major milestone in this corporate journey. It was a new name for a company that was born with a strong foundation and a historical heritage of over 170 years worldwide and over 50 years in Brazil.

Growth and investments in Brazil
The Brazilian market is strategic for the company’s growth plans. In the last decade, Evonik has enhanced its operations in Brazil with the establishment of three new plants, in addition to the existing facility since 1997 in Aracruz, Espírito Santo, dedicated to hydrogen peroxide production.

In 2014, it inaugurated the facility in Americana, Sao Paulo, for the manufacture of ingredients for the cosmetics and home care industries. In 2016, it began the production of the amino acid L-lysine for animal nutrition in the city of Castro, Paraná, and silicas in Americana to serve the rubber, animal and human nutrition, agricultural chemicals, and dental cream markets.

Last year, the company inaugurated its Applied Technology Center in Americana. The facility houses eight application laboratories and two pilot plants that provide comprehensive technical support to customers in strategic markets, fostering new developments.

To support business growth, the company opened its new Distribution Center in Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, this year. The inauguration of the new center, responsible for handling a significant portion of the company’s products, aimed not only at expansion but also modernization of operations, prioritizing innovation and sustainability, two strategic pillars for Evonik’s growth in the region.

“The company’s confidence in the region’s growth is evident in the investments made. We are well-structured to tap into Brazil’s potential and that of the countries in the region, dedicating all possible efforts to overcome the current challenging global economic situation,” says Hendrik Schoenfelder, Regional President of Evonik for Central and South America.

55 years in Argentina and a new acquisition
The expansion in Central and South America has also intensified, and today Evonik operates in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Peru, rendering this region more strategic for the company’s business.

With a 55-year presence in Argentina, in 2023, the company is celebrating ten years of productive operation at the catalyst plant for biodiesel (a market where it holds a global leadership position), along with a new expansion of production capacity.
A recent investment strengthens the company’s presence in Argentina: the acquisition of the company Novachem, specialized in the development of natural and sustainable cosmetic actives. The deal, signed on June 30th, is subject to official approval from the authorities and represents an important step for Evonik to expand its portfolio of sustainable specialties, further enhancing its partnership with the personal care industry in the region.

In celebrating this seven-decade journey, Evonik reaffirms its commitment to innovation and sustainable solutions based on the potential of Central and South America. The company is confident that, together with its customers and partners, it will continue to contribute to the growth of the chemical industry in the region, offering solutions that drive progress and respect the environment.

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