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In-cosmetics Global 2023 – Let tickle your senses at the ROELMI HPC’s beauty bar: stop by at booth AG68A


At ROELMI HPC, we help formulators in developing personal care products throughout the use of most innovative ingredients combining skin feeling, efficacy and performances, by offering the ethical and responsible choice for sustainable innovations.

In this context, ROELMI HPC is glad to invite you to stop and enter in the beauty bar in booth AG68A for an enjoyable sensorial experience through a contemporary capsule collection targeting skin microbiota care.

A cocktail of efficacy-proven ingredients will bring you in a 360-degree journey where each sense will impact the overall experience and shape your emotional landscape.

We choose to spark the beauty by appealing to the senses beyond that of sight, through a selection of cosmetic formulas conceived to respect the skin microbiota and the Planet harmony.

Tickle your senses, beyond the cosmetic concept.


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