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Indena takes to in-vitality 2023 its great products Anthocran® Phytosome™ and Relissa™

Indena, the leader company in the identification, development and production of high quality active principles derived from plants, attends the 2023 in-vitality edition and welcomes its guests in Milan, Allianz MiCo – Milano Congressi, Hall 4, booth 261.

Indena will present two of its most important products: its cranberry extract ANTHOCRAN® PHYTOSOME™ and its lemon balm extract from Melissa officinalis, RELISSA™ – MELISSA PHYTOSOME™, both formulated with a proprietary Technology Platform developed by Indena, Phytosome™, the breakthrough 100% food-grade delivery system that optimizes the performance of many natural actives in multiple ways, positively affecting the bioabsorption, effectiveness and target reach of a wide range of natural compounds.

At in-vitality 2023 Indena will also share with its stakeholders its vision on sustainability, deepening its approach to the supply chain management.

Latest news on Indena’s  Anthocran® Phytosome™ and Relissatm – Melissa Phytosome™

 is Indena’s cranberry extract, a health food ingredient based on Phytosome™ formulation proprietary technology. ANTHOCRAN® PHYTOSOME™ boasts a unique phytochemical characterization, which makes it the highest quality cranberry extract on the market. It is standardized in proanthocyanidins and contains the full polyphenol profile of natural cranberry, including flavonols, anthocyanins and phenolic acids. ANTHOCRAN® PHYTOSOME™ offers all of cranberries’ virtues to 150 million people prone to Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs).

“A pharmacokinetic study conducted with an innovative method allowed researchers to explore the metabolic profile of cranberry extract, and provide new data to understand its protective activity for the urinary tract – explains Serena Tongiani, Chief Portfolio Officer at Indena -. In particular, valeric acids and valerolactones, well-known metabolites of proanthocyanidins (PACs), were identified for the first time in the urine of healthy volunteers after taking the new cranberry formulation”.

Serena Tongiani will present the last clinical evidences about ANTHOCRAN® PHYTOSOME™ at in-vitality on November 23rd.

Indena’s RELISSATM– MELISSAPHYTOSOME™ is a new standardized, botanical ingredient clinically validated as support to emotional and sleep health: a new way to balance mood and manage stress.

Based on the formulation of lemon balm extract from Melissa officinalis, it’s standardized in hydroxycinnamic acids (17-23% by HPLC) and analyzed for rosmarinic acid content. RELISSATM – MELISSA PHYTOSOME™ is formulated with Indena’s Phytosome technology, which optimizes its biological performances turning a good ingredient (Melissa officinalis) into a great ingredient.

Scientific evidences confirms that RELISSATM – MELISSA PHYTOSOME™ gives 24 hours of wellbeing,  activating a virtuous circle: sleeping better causes positive thoughts and feelings, which allows to keep stress and anxiety under control. This means having a better mood and a better quality of life. As a results, awakings are powerful, without any sign of dizziness or drowsiness.

Moreover, RELISSATM – MELISSA PHYTOSOME™ has good interaction with microbiota, has enhanced effect on physiological GABA pathway, is efficacious for radical scavenging and has high tolerability.

Indena’s  commitment on sustainability: the importance of the supply chain management

In-vitality will also be the occasion to share with stakeholders Indena’s vision on sustainability, and specifically on supply chain management.  Renato IgueraMedicinal Plants Purchasing Manager at Indena and President of Assoerbe (the only Italian traders association representing the sector of Botanicals and their derivatives for use in health and wellness products), will make a presentation focused on that topic.

“The sustainability of wild plant species’ supply chains is increasingly at the center of attention, also due to greater sensitivity of consumers and of regulatory authorities – explains Iguera -. The peculiarity of these supply chains represents a challenge for companies and it is important to understand which tools and actions are available for an effective risk analysis and to guarantee sustainable and certified supply chains”.

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