Lipoid Kosmetik AG Provides an Exquisite Selection of Vinegar-Based Products for Cosmetic Use

Lipoid Kosmetik is a leading manufacturer of high-quality botanical extracts, actives and natural phospholipid products for the cosmetic and personal care industry. With a clear insight into our consumers’ needs, Lipoid Kosmetik presents a collection of all vinegar-based products for skin and hair care applications.

Vinegar, a staple ingredient in many kitchens, has been used for centuries for its numerous health and beauty benefits. Its acidic properties make it a versatile and effective natural remedy for various skin and hair care needs. Vinegar-based ingredients are pH-adjusting and naturally cleansing, and are therefore optimally suitable to fight damaged, dull and unruly hair. In addition, vinegar is exfoliating and anti-microbial, which makes it also beneficial in bath and skin care products.

Lipoid Kosmetik offers a versatile selection of vinegar-based products optimized for cosmetic use.

  • Cider VNGR+® and Rice VNGR+® are active ingredients, each offering a unique marketing concept. By combining a virtually alcohol-free extraction system of vinegar and glycerine with the best plant-based raw material the extracts are optimized for performance and efficacy.
  • Our new Herbasol® Vinegar extracts are carefully selected fruit extracts combined with organic apple cider vinegar. All products in the range are 100% natural, COSMOS-certified and preservative-free/ self-preserving.

Our vinegar-based products combine the benefits of botanical extracts, fermentation compounds and acetic acid and are perfectly suited for a variety of skin and hair care applications.

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