Lubrizol’s New Look for Carbopol® Polymers Marks Pivotal Time in Brand’s Evolution

The Lubrizol Corporation is pleased to introduce a revitalized, new visual identity for its iconic Carbopol® polymers brand. The redesigned logo, color palette and key visual reflect the company’s future vision for its longtime industry-leading brand.
According to Bernardo Medeiros, Vice President of Life Science, “Our goal was to honor the brand’s long heritage while setting the stage for significant innovations yet to come. It’s a nod to the past with an eye towards the future.”
In the 60 years since Carbopol® polymers were first pioneered, Lubrizol has emerged as the world’s largest supplier of carbomers and acrylate powder polymers. With over 100 unique grades and specifications, Carbopol® polymers currently support global markets across diverse industries including home, beauty, pharma, petrochemistry and oil. Plans to expand the Carbopol® polymers portfolio are underway as Lubrizol focuses its efforts on more sustainable ingredients, aligned with its corporate purpose to deliver sustainable solutions that improve wellbeing and enhance modern life.
“Carbopol® polymers have long been known for uncompromising quality and premium performance,” Medeiros continues, “Our exciting new initiatives will elevate the brand even further by improving the ingredient’s sustainability profile and enhancing its value to our customers.”
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