Nordmann strengthens its presence in the Italian personal care market with the acquisition of SD Chemicals S.r.l.

Nordmann, an international leader in the distribution of specialty chemicals and raw materials, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of SD Chemicals S.r.l. on January 15th, 2024. This strategic move reflects Nordmann’s commitment to sustainable growth, diversification and creating more value for its customers and partners.

EURO COSMETICS Magazine • Nordmann strengthens its presence in the Italian personal care market with the acquisition of SD Chemicals S.r.l. • Euro Cosmetics • Euro Cosmetics
From left: Dr. Gerd Bergmann and Ulrich Cramer (Nordmann Managing Board), Francesca Panzeri (Notary’s office), Dr. Raffaele Cece (founder SD Chemicals), Serena Panzeri (Notary’s office), Stefano Magnaghi (Managing Director Nordmann Italy).

Dr Gerd Bergmann, Chairman of the Managing Board of Nordmann, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition: “We are delighted to welcome SD Chemicals to the Nordmann Group. This strategic move is in line with our growth strategy and underlines our commitment to expand our presence in the market. The addition of SD Chemicals’ expertise and product portfolio will further strengthen Nordmann’s ability to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

Commenting on the acquisition, Dr Raffaele Cece, Managing Director, and Founder of SD Chemicals, said: “Joining forces with Nordmann is an exciting chapter for SD Chemicals. We believe that the shared values and commitment to excellence make this collaboration a win-win for all stakeholders. The opportunity to contribute to Nordmann’s growth strategy while maintaining our focus on serving the Italian market is a significant milestone for SD Chemicals.”

SD Chemicals S.r.l., based in Seregno (MB), Italy, is an established company focused on the distribution of raw materials for the cosmetics industry, in particular for hair care, skin care and make-up applications. With current sales of approximately EUR 20 million, SD Chemicals brings valuable capabilities and regional expertise to Nordmann. As part of the acquisition, all employees of SD Chemicals, including Dr Raffaele Cece, will be integrated into the Nordmann team. 

The acquisition of SD Chemicals is in line with Nordmann’s V.I.P.S. strategy, which emphasizes visibility, internationality, profitability, and sustainability.

Dr Ulla Seidel, Global Sales Director Life Sciences, underlines the importance of the acquisition: “This acquisition fulfils our strategic objective of completing our European footprint in Personal Care, allowing us to leverage synergies across our portfolios, and underscores our commitment to meeting industry needs.”

Stefano Magnaghi, Managing Director of Nordmann Italy, adds: “Italy’s role in the personal care market is in line with our commitment to innovation and growth. The integration of both teams will undoubtedly be mutually beneficial, creating a dynamic environment for continued success and excellence in serving our customers.”

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