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Plant-based ingredients for healthy ageing

Nutraceuticals Europe, Booth B50, Hall 1: Euromed presents innovative natural solutions for the nutraceutical, functional food and cosmetics industries

At Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo 2024, to be held in Barcelona (Spain), March 6-7, 2024, Euromed will highlight its growing range of Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extracts. Mediterranean plants naturally contain valuable nutrients that have been proven to support cardiovascular, metabolic, digestive, immune and skeletal muscle functions, all of which are vital for healthy ageing. In addition, the botanical ingredients manufacturer will showcase its well-researched milk thistle seed extract for liver support and saw palmetto fruit extract for male health formulations, and potential hair health applications. Visitors to the event will be able to explore Euromed’s innovative ingredients in the Premium Substances Area.

EURO COSMETICS Magazine • Plant-based ingredients for healthy ageing • Euro Cosmetics • Euro Cosmetics

Andrea Zangara, Head of Scientific Communication and Medical Affairs at Euromed, says: “Growing older gracefully is no longer enough. Today’s consumers want products with functional benefits to actively support healthy ageing. With a portfolio of more than 40 standardised botanical extracts, our company is well equipped to meet this demand, whether it’s for nutraceuticals, functional foods or beauty-from-within applications.”
Pomanox® is a flagship product from the Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extracts range. With more than 12 published studies and several ongoing clinical trials, the pomegranate extract, which is rich in polyphenols including punicalagin, meets growing consumer demand for healthy ageing and wellbeing. Furthermore, Spisar® and CuberUp®, derived from spinach and cucumber respectively, are scientifically substantiated for their joint and muscle benefits. Published human studies show that both extracts play an important role in active ageing. In addition, as the world’s first manufacturer of standardized milk thistle extract since 1971, Euromed will introduce Ethis-094™, a brand offering pharmaceutical-grade milk thistle extracts in various standardizations for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

EURO COSMETICS Magazine • Plant-based ingredients for healthy ageing • Euro Cosmetics • Euro Cosmetics

Research suggests that its main active component, silibinin, may have benefits that go beyond liver support, and that it may also play a role in immunity, weight management and cardiovascular health.
Meanwhile, thanks to its impressive bioavailability, lemon-based extract Wellemon® offers numerous application possibilities for various health and wellness products, from metabolic and immune support to nutricosmetics. For digestive health, Euromed has created Cynamed® – a natural artichoke extract with published prebiotic potential. With inulin and caffeoylquinic acids, Cynamed® may contribute to a well-balanced gut flora and a normal digestive tract. Last but not least, Prosterol® saw palmetto extract has been extensively studied and found to be effective for urinary problems associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia.
All Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extracts are obtained from a quality controlled, transparent and sustainable local supply chain, and gently processed with an eco-friendly, proprietary technology that uses only purified water as a solvent. In recognition of its environmental efforts, Euromed recently received the EcoVadis platinum medal for sustainability.
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