SGS and EcoSeaStems Provide Innovative ReefTox Test, Revolutionizing Cosmetics Ecotoxicology

SGS collaborates with EcoSeaStems to provide ReefTox, a revolutionary ecotoxicology test for evaluating the impact of cosmetics products on corals.

We are excited to announce a new partnership with EcoSeaStems, a renowned cosmetics laboratory, which has launched ReefTox testing. This unique test assesses the ecotoxicological impact of cosmetics ingredients and products on corals.

A groundbreaking cosmetics test

Developed by Vincent Bourgeteau, a biologist at EcoSeaStems, ReefTox evaluates the toxicity of cosmetics products on 50 coral species. This sample of coral species represents corals found in tropical and Indo-Pacific swimming zones.

This comprehensive and unique test covers both hard and soft coral species, providing a true reflection of the coral population and significantly enhancing the ecological relevance of cosmetics testing. It supports beauty brands ensure their products are genuinely “coral reef safe” and help them strengthen their product claims while protecting the vital coral reef ecosystems that our planet depends on.

The samples are kept in contact with corals for 24 hours and then the corals are put in quarantine, where a biologist will regularly assess the health as well as the physicochemical parameters of the corals.

For products or formulas with uncertain impacts, the ReefTox testing service offers an alternative version that tests 12 types of coral. This mitigates the risk of damaging a large number of coral cuttings.

SGS’s commitment to sustainable products

This partnership demonstrates our continued commitment to supporting cosmetics brands in their ecological transition process.

“We’re thrilled to work with EcoSeaStems to provide ReefTox testing, and to help our clients demonstrate the environmental safety and sustainability of their ingredients and products,” says Francois Richeux, Cosmetics & Hygiene Business Manager at SGS France.

In addition to our regulatory ecotoxicology testing, SGS clients can now use ReefTox testing results to demonstrate their commitment to environmentally friendly cosmetics production. Clients who wish to leverage these tests to support their product claims can request the “SGS Verified” mark depending on the regulation of the destination market. This mark will showcase their coral reef marketing credentials.

Our Cosmetics and Hygiene solutions

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