Symrise introduces SymDeo PMD green, a naturally deriveddeodorizing ingredient for strong body odor protection

Symrise launches a new 100% biobased deodorizing ingredient for cosmetic use. The easy-to-
use odorless liquid supports head-to-toe deodorant concepts. The company produces SymDeo
PMD green according to the principles of green chemistry. This serves the growing market
demand for efficacious solutions with a high degree of naturalness.

The highly versatile pure ingredient SymDeo PMD green (INCI: propanediol caprate) is suitable for
full-body applications, low-fragrance or aluminum-free concepts, and all deodorant formats. It works
well in aerosol sprays, pumps, roll-ons, sticks, creams, and wipes. Its antimicrobial profile shows
strong activity against odor-causing gram-positive bacteria. This includes anaerobic bacteria that form
an important target for odor protection typically difficult to inhibit. It also offers anti-irritant properties
indicating benefits for the sensitive underarm area. Additionally, SymDeo PMD green has antifungal
properties relevant for skin protection. This makes it the ideal ingredient for products designed to
tackle foot odor.

With SymDeo PMD green, Symrise launches the first deodorizing ingredient developed with its C&T
Allée award-winning 3D ex-vivo sweat model. This marks a new chapter in Symrise Cosmetic
Ingredients’ long history of high-performance solutions in the segment. The mild ester technology
features a natural origin index of 1 according to ISO 16128, indicating all carbon atoms are fully plant
based. On top, it enables strong odor protection. Using this solution, brands get support to overcome
the challenge of delivering renewably sourced deodorants with high efficacy.

“We feel excited about SymDeo PMD green, transforming our knowledge into a new, sustainable
solution for everyone. This motivates us every day,” says Dr. Steffen Nordzieke, Director Microbiology
Research, Global Innovation Cosmetic Ingredients.

“Our next-generation pure ingredient fulfils the market demand for new single-ingredient solutions
while also offering a more sustainable option in line with consumer trends. Consumers want to explore
more natural deodorants with the same known performance. With SymDeo PMD green, we are giving
consumers more confidence,” says Dr. Florian Genrich, Sr. Global Product Manager Skin Protection.
SymDeo PMD green therefore complements our leading portfolio of deodorants. It is also embodying
Symrise’s commitment to offering modern cosmetic ingredient solutions that use renewable sources to
enhance consumer confidence.”

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