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Symrise unveils “The Secret Heroes of Personal Care” masterclass series

  • YouTube series goes behind the scenes of favorite cosmetic products
  • Free online learning platform offers customers, students, and consumers unrivalled industry insight in product protection
  • First episode available from September 21, 2023

Symrise has launched an online training series called “The Secret Heroes of Personal Care”. Available on YouTube, experts from the market leader for cosmetic ingredients convey in depth insights about product protection in beauty products. With engaging animations and stories, they aim to inform those who want to learn more about the science behind their favorite cosmetic products.

Product protection plays an essential role in the cosmetics industry. It needs these ingredients to manufacture safe and effective products. Industry leader, Symrise, is supplying solutions for this area of application that meet all regulatory requirements. As the first company in the cosmetics industry to drive the product protection landscape, Symrise shares its extensive knowledge in this area in a video series starting September 21, 2023.
In the short films, experts provide scientific background and knowledge. Captivating stories offer deep insights into the philosophy and importance of product protection. They show the science, challenges, and successful strategies. At the same time, they provide tips on the selection, combination, dosage, and compatibility of cosmetic ingredients. The individual episodes of the series range from regulatory challenges to the latest developments in the cosmetics industry and specialist knowledge. This includes, for example, microbiological concerns in so-called hurdle technology.

Symrise shares expert knowledge with all

New and existing customers can learn background information about modern product protection and cosmetic ingredients from Symrise in the videos. Cosmetics students learn interesting facts about cosmetic ingredients from recognized experts which can be later incorporated into their
formulations. Consumers find easy-to-understand information on the science behind their favorite cosmetics. The videos now offer viewers the opportunity to learn about the latest developments and technology in modern product protection.
The masterclasses are available on YouTube and can be accessed on the Symrise channel at any time.The appealing, easy-to-understand expert presentations and video animations result in aninformative and entertaining learning experience via the playlist.
Symrise launches the first video of the master class series on September 21, 2023, at its YouTube channel.

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