Taiyo and Grolman sign exclusive distribution agreement for PEG-freesolubilisers & emulsifiers

To expand their reach and enhance the availability of innovative cosmetic ingredients, Grolman Group has formed a partnership with Taiyo, a Japanese producer known for its cosmetic additives. This collaboration marks a significant development in the cosmetics industry, particularly in the regions of Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey and Greece.
Taiyo, established for its commitment to innovation in the development of functional food ingredients and cosmetic additives, brings to the table a unique portfolio of surfactants. These include over fifty variants of Polyglycerol Fatty Acid Esters (PGFEs), designed to meet various application needs. Key to this range is their feature of being PEG-free, promoting enhanced stability, reduced skin irritation and improved sensory experiences.
The collaboration is set to provide a diverse range of solutions for customers within the personal care industry. Among the stand-out products is the SunSoft Q-Y Series, exclusively developed by Taiyo using a unique process. These products are renowned for their hydrophilicity and effectiveness, whether used as a solubiliser or makeup remover. Taiyo has also developed specific emulsifiers like SUNSOFT No.818SK-C(MB), tailored for suncare and foundation formulations, and TAISET 50-C(MB), a versatile natural emulsifier. Another highlight from Taiyo’s range is the SunSoft AP series, featuring conditioning agents derived from Apricot Kernel Oil with a polyglycerol composition profile. For emollient needs, SUNOIL DDI(MB) stands out with its remarkable moisture retention capacity, while TAISET OG-C(MB) serves as an oil-soluble aesthetic modifier. Moreover, the partnership emphasises sustainability and safety, with products sourced from natural and traditional ingredients.
Grolman and Taiyo invite industry professionals and formulators to explore the potential of these ingredients further, especially at the upcoming in-cosmetics event. This opportunity will allow for a deeper dive into the technicalities of Taiyo’s offerings, showcasing how they can enhance cosmetic formulations.
Taiyo is a Japanese company renowned for its commitment to innovation and quality. From natural and traditional ingredients with important specificities to revolutionary formulations, Taiyo specialises in the development of functional food ingredients and cosmetic additives with unlimited potential.
The Grolman Group operates an international specialty chemical ingredients distribution business. It is composed of individual local sales offices based in all European countries, Turkey, Maghreb, Egypt, India and China, each supported by technically trained sales staff, customer service teams and local warehousing.
The Grolman Group, run by the fifth generation of the Grolman family, has been privately owned since it was established in 1855. The key to its success has been the dedication and commitment to building an efficient customer-focused organization where customers’ needs are an essential driving force.

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