trinamiX enables molecular skin and hair analysis with your own smartphone or beauty device

  • Miniaturized near-infrared spectrometer for integration into smartphones and beauty devices
  • Collaboration with industry partners for industry-specific applications such as personalized skin care
  • trinamiX represented for the first time at BEAUTY in Düsseldorf: Hall 10, booth H66

trinamiX GmbH, a pioneer in the miniaturization of NIR spectroscopy modules, is presenting its latest Consumer Spectroscopy solution at BEAUTY in Düsseldorf: The world’s first NIR spectrometer that measures in the wavelength range of 1 to 3 micrometers and is so small that it fits into a smartphone or a handheld device for cosmetic applications. Visitors to BEAUTY can use a smartphone prototype at stand H66 in hall 10 to analyze their own skin on a molecular basis and obtain scientifically based information about the condition of their skin.
With its Consumer Spectroscopy solution, trinamiX brings the power of the proven NIR spectroscopy analysis method to consumer products. trinamiX thus enables non-invasive measurements of biomarkers in skin and hair.
“Imagine trinamiX Consumer Spectroscopy as a kind of camera in a smartphone or beauty device that sees what is invisible to the human eye,” explains Wilfried Hermes, Director Consumer Electronics North America and Europe, trinamiX GmbH. “This allows you to check selected parameters anytime and anywhere – based on real, molecular measurements. With this information, smart apps will be able to give you well-founded, personalized recommendations for your beauty care routine in the future.”

Collaboration in the field of skin care

In order to offer the widest possible range of industry-specific applications, trinamiX combines its innovative technology and its spectroscopy and chemometrics expertise with the application knowledge of industry-leading partners. The first application is being developed in collaboration with Revea, a cosmetics company from the USA. Revea offers high-quality skin care products that are individualized on the basis of scientific analysis. trinamiX and Revea are working together on a product development to analyze skin health through molecular biomarker measurement. The moisture content of the skin plays a central role here.
“At Revea, we care deeply about helping our customers find the right skincare products for their individual needs”, says Troels Marstrand, Founder and CTO of Revea. “trinamiX’s technology can be a game changer for the industry. By measuring the moisture level of a person’s skin, this technology adds additional insights to Revea’s visual skin analysis. This will further improve skincare recommendations helping users to find the right treatment for their skin type and keep tabs on their hydration levels – all with a simple scan.”
The application in the field of skin care is just the beginning. The spectroscopy module could be integrated into hair dryers and straighteners and provide individual data for optimal hair care.
“We are delighted to exhibit for the first time at BEAUTY and look forward to talking to many potential application and development partners from the national and international cosmetics and beauty tech industry,” says Wilfried Hermes.

How trinamiX Consumer Spectroscopy works
trinamiX Consumer Spectroscopy uses near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, a method for analyzing organic materials. Infrared radiation with a wavelength of 1 to 3 micrometers is used to obtain information about the chemical composition of a sample. The light is absorbed, scattered and reflected as it passes through the sample. This produces a characteristic spectrum that provides information about the chemical composition. This spectrum is compared with reference spectra to draw conclusions about the presence or concentrations of certain components in the sample, for example the moisture content of the skin. The miniaturized spectrometer is particularly user-friendly thanks to its integrated self-calibration. The hardware is supplemented by intelligent algorithms and a convenient app.
NIR spectroscopy enables rapid analysis of organic molecules and offers a wide range of applications.
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