Berg+Schmidt – A new solution to naturally thicken transparent oils in cold-process

Berg+Schmidt introduces a new cold-processible oil thickener designed for transparent systems

For Berg+Schmidt, Cosmet’Agora, taking place in Paris from January 16-18, 2024, will herald a new era of easy formulation. At booth 56/60, the company will premiere its BergaCare FG Gel – a new and efficient solution designed to thicken transparent oil formulations for leave-on and rinse-off products. Being cold processible, the rheology modifier requires a certain shear so that it can be distributed homogeneously in the oil. This makes the natural ingredient ideally suited for the “go-to development” of transformational textures and a variety of viscosities such as gel-to-oil products.

Natural thixotropic properties enable BergaCare FG Gel to optimally convert liquid oil in Jello-like textures. While being highly compatible with commonly used vegetable oils and emollients, the easy-to-use rheology modifier has the ability to create different viscosities depending on the use level of the BergaCare FG Gel. This opens up a broad range of formulating options: Visual appearance of the finished product can be adjusted from a transparent oil gel to dense, yet light, cream, or from fluid oil to solidified gel.
“Cold process manufacturing capability makes the BergaCare FG Gel a must-have, go-to product. While formulators can already choose between different oil thickeners on the market, none of them is cold-processible, so this is clearly a huge advantage when considering ever-increasing energy costs,” explains Sa-brina Paltian, Manager Application Technologies at Berg+Schmidt Care Ingredi-ents. She adds: “Only a few natural oil thickeners can actually create transparent systems.”
To ensure that BergaCare FG Gel together with the selected oil creates a homo-geneous mixture, a certain amount of shear force is required for the manufactur-ing process. It is up to the formulator to decide which tool is used to generate this force. BergaCare FG Gel is highly compatible with numerous stirring devices.
En vogue concepts like luxurious gel-to-oil textures in anhydrous, nourishing body care applications promise smooth and silky skin both during and after appli-cation. Unlike other oil products, thickened oil gels can be applied where they are needed without evaporating or becoming runny. Compatibility with different plant-based emollients also helps ensure a well-received sensory experience that sup-ports luxury skin care.

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