New tests on textured hair

July 2024 – Croda Beauty Actives (formerly Sederma) is pleased to unveil new tests on textured hair with Apiscalp®, a multifunctional ingredient dedicated to the beauty and comfort of the scalp. Our active, natural extract of Apium graveolens seeds, offers a unique solution for specific concerns of both oily and dry scalps. It helps combat dandruff, itching, dryness, and hyperseborrhea, controls local microflora (Malassezia) proliferation, restores the scalp stratum corneum integrity, and regulates epidermal differentiation and desquamation.

For non-textured hair, Apiscalp® has shown to markedly reduce scalp itching by 80% and improve scalp hydration by 43% after 3 weeks of application on volunteers with textured hair. Volunteers also noted an improvement in the flaking state of their scalp as early as after one application, with an average reduction of 19%. This reduction is even greater after 3 weeks, reaching 63%, for all volunteers regardless of their gender or hair type.

More in vivo and in vitro studies, available on demand, have been conducted to demonstrate its various benefits on scalp beauty and wellness.

Apiscalp® is a plant-based ingredient obtained through a sustainable supercritical CO2 extraction process. It complies with Chinese regulations for cosmetic ingredients and is COSMOS approved.

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