Here2Grow’s founders to present to trichologists and hair care specialists at networking workshop

Here2Grow’s founders to present to trichologists and hair care specialists at networking workshop

Both founders of award-winning contract formulation specialist, Here2Grow, will be speaking at the forthcoming inaugural Research to Retail Workshop, held at the Fargo Hair Institute, Manchester on 30 January.

Dr Henry Brew, CEO, will present a talk focusing on the art of formulating an effective scalp product, while Vinetta Brew, the firm’s director of regulatory compliance, will be speaking about regulation and claims.

The workshop is being hosted by Cosmetics Cluster UK, a ‘network of networks’ facilitating collaboration, skills development, partnerships and business growth, together with the International Trichology Congress (ITC), an initiative by a group of trichologists with the vision of making a world-leading educational and networking platform for specialists with an interest in hair and hair loss. Aimed at trichologists and hairdressers who may be interested in creating their own hair care products, the event features presentations from formulators, manufacturers, claims experts, design and evaluation experts, and includes round table discussions with speakers and help with business planning.

Henry is a highly sought-after beauty product development scientist and formulator, who has developed cutting-edge personal care technologies for Unilever, sun care products for Advance Nanotek and effective hair care products for leading trichologists in the UK. Working with wide-ranging clients from global FMCG companies to leading boutique organisations, his company provides bespoke formulation services, ensuring that clients can get the best market positioning to optimise their product development aspirations. Vinetta has amassed a wealth of knowledge over ten years of regulatory experience. At Here2Grow, she is instrumental in helping clients prioritise regulatory compliance by integrating it into the life cycle and risk management process of their product development. 

With its state-of-the-art product development and testing lab facility in Selby, North Yorkshire, Here2Grow is one of the few UK formulation laboratories able to design products specifically for the needs of different skin and hair types including Asian, black and caucasian.

“Having been invited to speak at the workshop, I am very much looking forward to interacting with some of the leading trichologists and hair care specialists here in the UK,” commented Henry. “Trichology is a very important field, where we as formulators contribute with our industry expertise to alleviate and soothe consumers with certain scalp and hair conditions. These types of events are a great opportunity to start conversations with various experts and supplement our depth of knowledge by sharing experiences.”

Tickets to the workshop are available here.

For more information on Here2Grow’s contract formulation services visit, call +44 (0) 1757 616230, or email

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