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IFF Releases New Findings for Award-winning Conditioning Biopolymer AURIST™ AGC

Launched recently for hair conditioning, new study shows AURIST™ AGC can also improve skin conditioning

Continuing its deep biotechnology research, IFF today announced the findings of a new study demonstrating AURIST™ AGC—a water-soluble, readily biodegradable cationic biopolymer– is effective in improving the performance of body wash products. Initially offered as a hair conditioning polymer – AURIST™ AGC also improves skin roughness feel and rinsability in skin cleansing and body wash applications. These new insights underscore the ability of IFF’s proprietary Designed Enzymatic Biopolymer (DEB) technology to deliver scalable, performance-oriented, sustainable personal care solutions.

“We are dedicated to assessing the untapped potential of our ingredients, adapting to evolving market dynamics and empowering our customers to deliver innovative benefits across many applications,” said Johan Jansén-Storbacka, director, Personal Care, IFF. “With this clinical data, we can extend AURIST™ AGC’s transformative impact further into the skincare space.”

Next-generation skincare solutions

The clinical study by expert panelists aimed to determine the sensory benefits AURIST™ AGC brings to skin cleansing formulations. The results showed that the panelists experienced a significant reduction in skin roughness, and a smooth and silky residual feel after using cleansers containing AURIST™ AGC.

The study also evaluated rinsability. In recent Mintel reports, speed has appeared as a consistently cited claim for new shower-product launches from 2020 onwards1, and 66 percent of surveyed consumers want to reduce their time spent in the shower.2 During the study, the panelists observed a substantially reduced rinsing time when using formulations containing AURIST™ AGC.

Inspiring change: a brand with lasting impact

Launched in March this year, AURIST™ AGC is part of IFF’s new AURIST™ functional line. This collection comprises natural and nature-inspired solutions designed to deliver benefits across leave-in or rinse-off products for both the skincare and haircare segments. This novel, readily biodegradable conditioning biopolymer was awarded the gold prize for Best Functional Ingredient at the 2023 in-Cosmetics Global Innovation Zone.

“The latest findings demonstrate the value the DEB technology can bring to the industry,” said Wayne Ashton, vice president, Home & Personal Care, IFF. “We are committed to continuing our investment in biotechnology and AURIST™ AGC, and we believe the DEB platform can deliver outstanding results that meet our customers’ expectations for enhanced sustainability.”

To learn more about the AURIST™ range of products and other innovative personal care ingredient offerings from IFF, click here

1 Mintel’s Global New Products Database (GNPD), Soap & Bath Products, 2020 to 2023, accessed 6 September 2023.

2 Mintel, UK Women’s Facial Skincare Market Report 2023.

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