Indena, a private Italian company with a century of experience in the identification, development and production of high-quality, innovative and effective active botanical principles for the pharmaceutical and health food industries, and dsm-firmenich, innovators in nutrition, health and beauty, have announced a strategic partnership in some specific areas. The collaboration will pioneer the development of novel scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of natural solutions in the human health arena, leveraging both companies’ values, visions and knowledge. It is poised to inspire a new ‘Age of Nature’, which will contribute to drive the future of nutraceuticals.

With promising research on the positive benefits of botanicals, the partnership is dedicated to specific health areas and selected ingredients, including those to support immunity, vision, brain health, women’s health, healthy aging and gut health. Through this science-based approach, dsm-firmenich and Indena aim to lead innovation in the global nutritional botanical market to deliver advanced solutions that resonate with the needs of today’s consumers.

This cooperation will bring highly effective Market-ready Solutions to the market, as well as, in the medium- and long-term, products that will be new in terms of their origin, ingredient combination and formulation.

“This partnership has come about from a vision shared by Indena and dsm-firmenich: to identify and develop innovative solutions for human health, combining a deeply-rooted scientific background with the visionary capacity to imagine the future challenges of nutraceuticals – states Daniele Giavini, Managing Director at Indena -. Today’s savvy consumer requires increasingly smarter products in terms of ingredients as well as formulation. Already in the next few months, our collaboration will bring products onto the market that combine and enhance the effectiveness of technologically advanced botanical extracts and ingredients from both companies. But above all, we want to launch a medium- and long-term planning process to build solutions that are not yet existing: solutions devised to respond to the increasingly sophisticated demands of a public wishing to take care of their own wellbeing with products that are scientifically studied, clinically tested and technologically ground-breaking, for proven effectiveness”.

“As consumer demand for botanicals continues to gain traction globally, this purpose-led partnership directly addresses the market need for effective, science-backed products that are aligned to the most relevant health needs – comments Martin Dos Ramos, Global Vice President Dietary Supplements at dsm-firmenich -. Indena has long been a pioneer in the research and development of botanical derivatives. Science will remain at the core of our partnership and, when combined with our premix and market-ready solutions, flavor, taste masking and product formulation expertise, we are ideally placed to help take our customers’ innovations to the next level”.

Both companies are committed to driving progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. All projects within the strategic partnership aim to put sustainability first – from raw materials sourcing to production and marketing – with a focus on environmental impact, use of renewable energies and building a more circular economy.

For all business areas, other than the solutions selected for the partnership, the two companies will proceed fully independently.
The partnership announcement between dsm-firmenich and Indena marks day one of SupplySide West, which takes place in Las Vegas from 25 to 26 October 2023.

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