Lonza Welcomes New Group Chief Executive Officer Wolfgang Wienand

  • Wolfgang Wienand commences his tenure as Chief Executive Officer of Lonza Group
  • Albert M. Baehny will retire from Lonza Group following a transition period

Basel, Switzerland, 1 July 2024 – Wolfgang Wienand joins Lonza Group today as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), succeeding Albert M. Baehny, who served as CEO ad interim since October 2023 and was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lonza from 2018 to May 2024. Albert will work with Wolfgang to ensure a smooth leadership handover before he retires from Lonza this summer.

Jean-Marc Huët, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Lonza, commented: “On behalf of the Board, I extend a warm welcome to Wolfgang as he joins Lonza. Wolfgang brings with him a wealth of CDMO experience, combined with deep strategic and scientific expertise. As Wolfgang joins, we look forward to an era of stable and structured growth under his leadership.”

Wolfgang Wienand, Chief Executive Officer at Lonza, stated: “Having worked in the CDMO industry for almost two decades, I have always had great respect for Lonza’s ability to transform and grow at pace. It is a privilege to join this remarkable company as CEO. As I commence my journey with Lonza, we are embarking on a quest to meet and exceed the needs of our customers and their patients. I am greatly looking forward to working with the team to build on our strong foundations and create a strategy for us to deliver continued growth and reach our full potential.”

Since 2019, Wolfgang has held the role of CEO at the Swiss CDMO, Siegfried. Wolfgang previously served as Chief Scientific Officer and then as Chief Strategy Officer in Siegfried’s executive leadership team. Prior to joining Siegfried in 2010, Wolfgang held a series of positions with increasing seniority at the German specialty chemicals company Evonik Industries.

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