Eckart Mum Beauty

Mum Beauty – Mummy’s Little Helpers

Many colleagues from the ECKART Cosmetics Team have joined the “Mum” Team – and have recently redefined their requirements for cosmetics!

What do cosmetic products for mothers have to do? Based on their new life experiences, our Mama Cosmetics team has created a makeup wish list: It should be time-saving and easy to apply, have an immediate effect on the face and body, give an energetic and fresh look, and quickly correct minor skin imperfections.

These criteria formed the basis for ECKART’s new 2023 trend concept for Cosmetics: “Mum Beauty – Mummy’s Little Helpers”. Our experts developed six easy-to-implement formulas for various cosmetic products that meet the needs of millions of women.

“Mum Beauty shows how effect pigments can be used in formulations to achieve the desired effect very quickly and easily for mothers of all skin colors,” says Michaela Gerstacker, Technical Service Cosmetics at ECKART. “Effect pigments are the perfect partners for moms’ makeup: they create radiant eyes, glossy lips and a shimmering complexion in no time at all.”

“Mum Beauty” is also designed according to another strong trend: Hybrid Beauty products.  These multifunctional cosmetics are designed to cover as many requirements as possible in one product. Thus, “Mum Beauty” formulations offer care and beauty in one, they are suitable for multiple purposes – such as the lip-to-cheek stick “Cheer Me Up!” which beautifies and cares for lips and cheeks in equal measure – and are easy on both the environment and the budget.  The number of makeup products needed is thus reduced.

The stars of the new trend concept are the effect pigments from ECKART’s SYNCRYSTAL product family. They are included in every formulation and, depending on requirements, provide instant effects, effective color balance and fresh glow.

We are happy to share our formulation secrets with you – get inspired by our trend concept 2023 “Mum Beauty”! Learn more: Mum Beauty | Eckart EMEA / South America

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