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SphingoCare™ – New ceramide rangeNature inspired, bioengineered, skin and hair active lipids

SphingoCare™ is the name of our new comprehensive range of ceramides designed for cosmetic applications. These trusted ingredients are mostly biotechnology and plant derived and are available either at high purity level, pre-dispersion, or biomimetic blends. These skin barrier hero ingredients offer extended activities for skin and hair care such as skin hydration, scalp well-being, soothing, environmental protection, lip care, microbiome balance, hair cuticle smoothing, …

Key points:

  • Comprehensive range of sphingolipids and ceramides
  • Derived from plant and yeast fermentation
  • Covering 4 major skin ceramides
  • Pure and easy to handle advanced pre-dispersed forms
  • Bio-mimetic lamellar vectorisation
  • To soothe, hydrate, protect and rebalance skin, hair and scalp

To know more, you can contact your local sales representative or visit our website at:

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