Symrise introduces Crinipan® PO to offer a complete portfolio for dandruff-free, beautiful hair

– Premium-grade, highly pure and renowned anti-dandruff ingredient
– Effective product for a wide variety of hair care products
– Solidifies leading position in top-tier portfolio of dandruff control solutions

Symrise introduces Crinipan® PO (INCI: piroctone olamine), its latest anti-dandruff active. The premium-grade ingredient offers proven efficacy and an option to replace zinc pyrithione when needed. Used in shampoos or other hair care products, it effectively combats dandruff, ensuring a flake-free scalp. Piroctone olamine, alongside zinc pyrithione, and climbazole, stands as one of the top traditional anti-dandruff actives globally. This product complements the comprehensive dandruff control portfolio of Symrise, offering versatility for all customer needs.

The world of anti-dandruff products looks vast and varied. It offers consumers looking for relief a multitude of options. From shampoos to conditioners, serums to specialized treatments, the market is teeming with solutions promising to banish the flakes. The most effective approach demands the right combination of actives which Symrise can fulfill with its completed range of anti-dandruff ingredients.

A powerful anti-dandruff ingredient

By introducing Crinipan® PO, Symrise is adding a widely recognized and trusted anti-dandruff ingredient – piroctone olamine – to its portfolio. The hair care industry knows Crinipan® PO for its exceptional properties in combating dandruff and maintaining a healthy scalp. It reduces dandruff on the scalp, helping provide users with the confidence and comfort of flake-free head and hair. Crinipan® PO is premium, high-purity grade.
The use of Crinipan® PO may be adapted for manufacturers to formulate exactly the product they want. Based on its adaptability in various hair care products, manufacturers can seamlessly incorporate it into shampoos and leave-on hair care applications.

Unlocking Synergistic Power

As a valid alternative to zinc pyrithione, Crinipan® PO addresses the demand for compliant cosmetic ingredients in Europe. With its broad portfolio of effective anti-dandruff ingredients, Symrise can provide customers with reliable, synergistic, and effective solutions.
In the realm of dandruff control, combining different actives is common practice for superior efficacy. Symrise has just recently showcased the synergistic combination of Crinipan® PO and Crinipan® PMC green, their nature-derived anti-dandruff active. This proprietary combination amplifies the effectiveness of both ingredients, enabling comprehensive solutions for customers. This ensures customers can chose from a wide range of options when addressing their dandruff concerns.
“At Symrise, we have committed ourselves to act as the go-to experts and the first address for dandruff control solutions for our customers”, says Laura Meunier, Global Product Manager for Skin Protection at Symrise. “With our complete portfolio of dandruff control ingredients, including China-compliant, green, and established ingredients, we want to support our customers as a trusted partner that deliver solutions that bring confidence to consumers worldwide.”

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