Uviva and Nordmann enter into strategic partnership

Multinational chemical distributor Nordmann has started a strategic partnership with Uviva Technologies (France) to distribute innovative zinc oxide solutions for personal care.

Belonging to the Grillo Group – one of the world’s leading specialists in zinc products – Uviva has decades of experience manufacturing zinc oxide for personal care products.

Zinc is a material of the future, vital for the earth and for people. It is also versatile, sustainable, durable and 100% recyclable. Together with its customers, Uviva is working to continually expand the natural potential of zinc for a wide range of applications.

Zinc oxide is synthesized through zinc combustion. Zinc itself is a key natural mineral that is used in sunscreens and cosmetics to help create innovative solutions.

Application in sunscreens

Uviva offers a growing portfolio of products to help formulators develop sunscreens. The company’s line of highly effective Eclipse Z zinc oxides serves as a toolkit for manufacturers to achieve desired levels of SPF and UVA protection, as well as aesthetics. Eclipse Z1, for example, offers maximum transparency along with the industry’s highest levels of UVA and UVB absorption.

Application in the cosmetics industry

Uviva helps develop personal care and skin care products that follow current trends while also meeting regulatory requirements and certification criteria for natural ingredients. The company’s ZincoSense zinc oxide is a high-quality and high-purity product manufactured for skin care applications such as baby lotions, diaper creams and other skin protection formulations.

Uviva’s Eclipse Z1, Z2, ZA and ZincoSense products are Cosmos V4.0-certified. ZincoSense is also certified for non-UV applications.

As Xavier Fabre, Technical Sales & Product Manager Personal Care, HI&I at Nordmann France SAS comments: “We are looking forward to the new collaboration. The projects planned in the coming weeks and months herald a bright future.”

Thibault Moraine, Director of Strategic Projects at Uviva, adds: “The partnership will definitely have a positive impact on our future. This cooperation holds great potential that will open up new perspectives for our customers.”

Xavier Fabre Nordmann France 1
Xavier Fabre, Technical Sales & Product Manager Personal Care, HI&I bei Nordmann France SAS
Thibault Moraine Diojects at Uviva 1
Thibault Moraine, Director of Strategic Projects bei Uviva

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