Sharon Labs one of the leading global players in the cosmetics and personal care industry expands its cosmetic ingredients portfolio with strategic acquisitions

Naama Eylon
General Manager of Sharon Laboratories

A conversation with Naama Eylon,
General Manager of Sharon Laboratories about their recent acquisitions and new product innovations

EURO COSMETICS: Naama, can you provide some background on Sharon Laboratories. What you do, where you are located, and how long you have been in business?

Naama Eylon: Sharon Laboratories, headquartered in Ashdod, Israel offers a wide range of innovative and patented preservative solutions for Personal Care, taking a focused scientific approach to optimizing the industry’s most challenging preservation needs.
Established by Dr Danny Sommerfeld in 1977, we employ one hundred people today who are focused on scientific research, development and marketing of advanced preservative solutions. Sharon Labs is continuously expanding its global presence. In 2019, we established our first regional European presence in Italy, and Sharon Labs USA started operating in 2021.
The company is owned by Tene Investment Funds, an Israeli private equity growth fund focused on the Industrial and Technology sectors, as the majority holding, and Mr. Assaf Burstein, Sharon’s Chairman.

EURO COSMETICS: Sharon has been active during the first quarter of 2022, announcing two acquisitions. Let’s talk about the first acquisition – Res Pharma Industriale. Please tell us about what they do.

Naama Eylon: Res Pharma Industriale, located in Trezzo sull’Adda, Italy (Milan area) is a chemical company specialized in research, development and production of cosmetic ingredients for the personal care, skincare, haircare and wet wipes segments. Founded in 2004, in recent years RPI has consolidated its reputation as a manufacturer of innovative and nature-based cosmetic specialties. A green philosophy drives each innovation choice and overall strategy regarding both product development (Ecocert, COSMOS, Nature approved products) and a commitment to sustainability (RSPO Member).

“Sharon is focused on sustainability, from the manufacturing side to the product itself”

EURO COSMETICS: And what led to your interest in taking over the company?

Naama Eylon: The appeal was driven by two main reasons.
• The first – diversification of our current business. As Sharon was primarily focused on preservation, the RPI portfolio opens the way for new opportunities.
• The second – RPI has key focused segments which our two companies share. To name a few – suncare, and wet wipes. For these segments, both Sharon and RPI develop unique and customized products. The combination of the two companies will only enhance our work in those segments.

EURO COSMETICS: What will this acquisition mean for the customers of your two businesses?

Naama Eylon: Only good things! A larger geographical footprint, with Sharon’s local team in the US for example, and a now a bigger EU team. This will allow us to have an even closer relationship with our customers – from R&D to purchasing. Enhanced and enlarged R&D capabilities will also deliver great benefit to customers. This expansion will also offer a broader product portfolio and a more robust supply chain.

EURO COSMETICS: Agostino Facchini, the Founder and former President of Res Pharma, said he sees the acquisition as more than just a transaction – that it’s like two families coming together. How will Sharon incorporate Res Pharma into the organization moving forward?

Naama Eylon: We will be building a strong link between internal groups, such as our commercial teams, research department, and formulation teams.

EURO COSMETICS: The second acquisition was the cosmetic ingredients and research & innovation units of B&C. Why did these parts of B&C interest Sharon?

Naama Eylon: The innovative and entrepreneurial spirit leading the developments in this company is a great fit with Sharon’s approach for research and innovation. Not only is it a scientific approach but it is also one which focuses on customers’ needs.

EURO COSMETICS: How do you feel the acquisition of B&C has impacted Sharon Labs’ position in personal care?

Naama Eylon: With our new range of nature-based active ingredients and building on the strong core of functional ingredients offered by Sharon and RES, our overall position in personal care has become even stronger. We see this as building on the collaboration of the teams and capabilities to grow each product segment.


EURO COSMETICS: You mentioned sustainability was a key consideration for the B&C acquisition. What is Sharon doing in the area of sustainability, and how does it fit into your global corporate strategy?

Naama Eylon: Sharon is focused on sustainability, from the manufacturing side to the product itself. In terms of operations, Sharon reports on the issues of climate change to both the CDP Global disclosure system, as well as that of ECOVADIS. On both of these reporting systems Sharon is rated significantly above the industry’s average score. In terms of product development: We also emphasize our enhanced focus for developing products from raw materials that are readily biodegradable, with both a high RCI index, and ISO 16128.
B&C cosmetic ingredients, as well as RPI lines are all aligned with this strategy – sustainability is a core value for development and production.

EURO COSMETICS: How do the two recent acquisitions fit into Sharon’s overall corporate strategy moving forward and are there any further acquisitions planned to remain active?

Naama Eylon: Our goal is to grow and deliver enhanced, REAL VALUE to our customers. The recent acquisitions, based on their core values, capabilities and product range, will allow us to drive our mission far more effectively.
Further expansion is certainly a possibility by means of acquisitions or other joint collaborations. If the opportunity fits well with our strategy, and our values, we will strive to continue with the great momentum we have built this year.

EURO COSMETICS: Let’s talk about your new product innovations. At NYSCC Suppliers’ Day you’ve presented SharoSense Plus 785 and clean INCI Sharomix 699, eco- and microbiome-friendly preservation alternatives. What’s so special about it?


Naama Eylon: The new products demonstrate Sharon’s position on the connection between preservation and safety. Safety of the cosmetic product from microbial risk is obvious when it comes to preservation, but we also offer safety to the consumer: for example, by using components which are food grade and GRAS, as well as for the skinstrict safety assessment for sensitive skin, low level of use, and microbiome-friendly, and last – safe for the environment: readily biodegradable, ISO 16128 index and more.
Innovation in preservation is certainly a challenge these days with global regulations changing frequently. We intend to deliver real protection, and at the same time not to introduce any ‘undesired’ ingredients while maintaining the safety of our products, as well as the safety of the skin and hair.
Recent research performed by Sharon has resulted in new product launches that are consistent with our mission. For example, our ShatoWIPES™ line – was recognized by INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry for its innovative approach.
We also launched a new COSMOS-approved line launched at in-cosmetics global 2022.

EURO COSMETICS: Naama, thank you for talking to us and giving us some insights into your business strategy.

Naama Eylon is the General Manager of Sharon Laboratories. She joined Sharon in 2014, as VP Personal Care, leading sales, business development and marketing. She was promoted to GM in 2021, and led 2 acquisitions of Sharon in Italy: RES Pharma Industriale and the cosmetic ingredients division of B&C. Prior to Sharon, Naama worked at Stanley-Black & Decker, as commercial manager for the R&D division in Israel and as business development manager in the US. She holds a B.A in Communication and Political Science and an MBA.

Naama Eylon

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