Syensqo launches skin care ingredient trio

Syensqo has launched three skin care ingredient products:

Cerafy Pure NPo, Oleogy LDXP/HDXP/HDXP KL, and Textify LALY.

Cerafy Pure NPo (INCI: Ceramide NP) is a ceramide 3 solution that can be used for all beauty care routines.Developed to address the decrease in natural ceramide levels within the skin, Cerafy Pure NPo is said to replenish this loss, ensuring the skin retains moisture effectively while reinforcing its protective barrier.

 Oleogy LDXP/HDXP/HDXP KL (INCI: Dextrin Palmitate) is a line of natural oil rheology modifiers including Oleogy LDXP for low viscosity, Oleogy HDXP for high viscosity, and Oleogy HDXP KL for very high viscosity.  These products create transparent to translucent gels with varying viscosities, providing stability in emulsions and structure to oils even creating sticks. By associating them, the formulator will have the capacity to develop innovative textures and adjust the viscosity and hardness depending on the formulation needed.

 Lastly, Textify LALY (INCI: Lauroyl Lysine) is an organic texturizing powder said to provide an ultimate silky sensation enhancing the sensory experience by improving the overall skin feel of beauty care products. It is a pure natural powder obtained from the Lysine amino acid grafted to a Lauric fatty chain.

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