Meeting Consumer Demands for Performanceand Sustainability with Bioengineered Ingredients

By Alomgir Ali, Senior Formulation Scientist, Personal Care, IFF

Euro Cosmetics Magazine
March 2024

Consumers are increasingly expecting the beauty and personal care products that they purchase to be environmentally responsible.
This has driven a growth in interest in natural and bio-based ingredients across the sector, as manufacturers rethink their formulations with the aim of improving the eco credentials of their
products. Yet when it comes to skincare and haircare products, sustainability is not the only thing on consumers’ minds, with market research consistently showing that performance is the key to driving repeated purchases1.
With the growth of online information and increasing demand for transparency, consumers are becoming more discerning with labels and are researching ingredients to better understand the
effectiveness of products before they buy. Further still, their decisions are made based on labels that detail evidence-based scientific claims and clinical formulations2, 3, for reassurance that they are safe and effective. Therefore brands need to provide credible information on product labels and be transparent about their ingredients and formulations, to highlight their value proposition in an increasingly crowded market.



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