EURO COSMETICS Magazine • The Role of Toxicological Databases in the Era of New Approach Methodologies • Harald van der Hoeven, CLR • Harald van der Hoeven, CLR
The development of cosmetic regulations is evolving at a constant pace, but in two distinct directions: the ingredients under discussion and the toxicological aspects are subject to exponentially increasing studies, while international regulatory frameworks are gradually converging towards the establishment of a “model”, which initially introduced concepts first by the EU, adopted in various forms by an increasing number of countries, the latest of which (though with some significant differences!) are the United States, with the MoCRA Act coming into effect on December 29, 2023.
EURO COSMETICS Magazine • Returning to Our Roots • Harald van der Hoeven, CLR • Harald van der Hoeven, CLR
Introducing ECLIPTA ROOTS, the Revolutionary Hair-Growth stimulating, hair fall & dandruff reducing Botanical Blend from Ascot International The cosmetics industry...

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