EURO COSMETICS Magazine • Skin ageing claims and the multiple opportunities of scientific assments on subjects • Anne Charpentier, Skinobs • Anne Charpentier, Skinobs
The cosmetics industry is shifting away from anti-ageing claims towards a more positive approach to ageing. Consumers now seek a “pro-ageing” philosophy that prioritizes looking healthy over looking younger. Brands are embracing a new vocabulary centered on renewal, regeneration, and glow to align with this shift. Beauty is evolving to encompass overall well-being, lifestyle, and quality of life, emphasizing tonicity, elegance, and silhouette preservation.
Euro Cosmetics Magazine
The world of fragrances comprises of an immense variety of distinct compounds and infinite possibilities for compositions both man-made and natural. The ingredients of fragrance compositions may be complex mixtures of more or less volatile substances that were extracted from natural sources such as blossoms or leaves.
EURO COSMETICS Magazine • The Global Cosmetic Preservatives Market • Anne Charpentier, Skinobs • Anne Charpentier, Skinobs
Over the next five years, the market for cosmetic preservatives is expected to grow quickly, surpassing USD 1.4 billion by 2024. Organic acids, phenol derivatives, paraben esters, alcohols, formaldehyde donors, and quaternary compounds are the six main divisions of that market. A number of important factors, such as a rise in the demand for “natural claims” preservatives, the development of new markets, and an increase in the use of phenol derivatives, can be credited for this anticipated growth in the global market.
EURO COSMETICS Magazine • A Recap of New Cosmetic Ingredients Notified in China from Q1 to Q3 2023 • Anne Charpentier, Skinobs • Anne Charpentier, Skinobs
Since the official implementation of the Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulation (CSAR) in 2021, China National Medical Product Administration (NMPA) has implemented classified management on cosmetic products and new cosmetic ingredients (NCIs) according to their risk degree. High-risk NCIs are required to be registered with NMPA. While for low-risk NCIs, as long as enterprises complete the submission of dossiers online, the NCI is considered as “notified” and then can be manufactured and imported, which reduces the threshold for NCI to enter the Chinese market.

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