EURO COSMETICS Magazine • “My Healthy Home”by Düllberg Konzentra • Düllberg • Düllberg
During the pandemic, our homes became even more important, acting as a sanctuary and retreat, a hotspot for all kinds of activities ranging from work to exercise. They became the epicentre of our personal well-being. “My Healthy Home” by Düllberg Konzentra offers ideas and fragrance concepts that plug into this trend.
EURO COSMETICS Magazine • A Recap of New Cosmetic Ingredients Notified in China from Q1 to Q3 2023 • Düllberg • Düllberg
Since the official implementation of the Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulation (CSAR) in 2021, China National Medical Product Administration (NMPA) has implemented classified management on cosmetic products and new cosmetic ingredients (NCIs) according to their risk degree. High-risk NCIs are required to be registered with NMPA. While for low-risk NCIs, as long as enterprises complete the submission of dossiers online, the NCI is considered as “notified” and then can be manufactured and imported, which reduces the threshold for NCI to enter the Chinese market.
EURO COSMETICS Magazine • Achieving Instant Gratification • Düllberg • Düllberg
What is this multi-faceted active ingredient we talk so much about for the skin’s youthful appearance? This natural element of the epidermis sees its stock gradually diminish over time, reaching only 50% of its capital at the age of 50, causing premature ageing of the skin.
EURO COSMETICS Magazine • Clinical improvement of appearance of cellulite and skin characteristics with a non-invasive biphasic pulsed microcurrent device system • Düllberg • Düllberg
Low Level alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) microcurrent based treatment devices have been in use for over a century to improve muscle contraction, wound healing, and pain. Over the last decade the microcurrent treatment modality is increasingly being used for improvement of skin appearance, which includes skin tone, elasticity and reducing overall hyperpigmentation on face and body.
EURO COSMETICS Magazine • Exploring the Latest Trends and Developments in the Deodorants and Fragrances Industry: Exciting Launches by Leading Companies • Düllberg • Düllberg
The global deodorants and fragrances industry is experiencing a significant surge, with consumer preferences shifting towards personal care products that promote hygiene and well-being. In this fast-evolving landscape, several key players are making headlines with their innovative product launches and market advancements.

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