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January / February 2024


The quest for even skin tone by consumers has let brands to create lightening products in every category and the famous tikitoker Cara Brook does the exact opposite and says darken the light areas #demimethod. Either way the quest for even skin tone and embracing diversity is shifting the conversation on hyperpigmentation.
Hyperpigmentation, a common dermatological condition characterized by darkened patches of skin, affects individuals of all skin tones and ethnicities. Traditionally, treatments for this condition have often been marketed as “skin lightening” products, a terminology that not only carries outdated connotations but also fails to honor the rich diversity of skin colors and the beauty inherent in all of them. As our understanding of beauty evolves towards a more inclusive and respectful approach, it’s crucial to reframe the discussion around hyperpigmentation treatments. The focus should be on promoting even-toned skin, not lighter skin, and on celebrating the uniqueness of each individual's complexion.



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