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Euro Cosmetics Magazine January February 2024
January / February 2024

Editor’s Note
We are pleased to present you our new column
Symphony Be-Beauty™, which will now appear every two months. This column deals with the topics of health, well-being, wellness and beauty from within.
Alison O'Neil, Expert in Aesthetic Health, starts off by reporting on the Global Wellness Summit conference in Miami that took place in November ast year. The Summit was attended by the most Wellness in-tuned body of professionals and business owners, doctors, psychologists, therapists and more. Dan Buetner, famed for the Blue Zones research is an example of the calibre of experts attracted.
Alison also provides a wealth of information on the integration of cosmetics and personal care products and practices in wellness systems and SPAs.

Author’s Note:
Five, four, three, two, ONE! Each year we begin again with the encouraging words in our own minds and those chanted by marketing promisors, “A new year and a new you. What’s your resolution?” For those industry reports that matter most, Better health, Better fitness, Better nutrition, Better appearance, Better sleep, and Better mindfulness make up the wellness market that we are all watching closely.
In 2024 all signs are pointing toward not just a short promise to make changes but a firm personal commitment to a new way of living. The move toward wellness is on. Where short-cuts to looking good have been on trend for many years, it is now understood that a side-effect of being healthy and living well, is looking good. Where living in the moment no longer means taking major risks but stopping on purpose to recognize where you are standing (or sitting) and taking a purposeful breath.



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