Skin Microbiota and its roles in cutaneous diseases – Innovative approaches for maintaining and enhancing skin health

by Anne-Sopie Bongain-Decosne

May 2024

What is skin microbiota?
The skin has a barrier function. Advances in science have made it possible to discover that it is duly supported in its protective functions by an army of micro-organisms that are invisible to the naked eye but are present in their millions on every square centimeter of skin: the skin microbiota.

The cutaneous microbiota is an individual marker
The skin microbiota varies in quantity and quality from person to person. Variables such as age, sex, immune system, pH, temperature and humidity will modify the composition of the skin microbiota.
For example, as the skin is more acidic in men than in women, they would have a higher microbial density. Similarly, the use of cosmetic products and the production of hormones create
differences. However, two distinct categories can be identified within the skin microbiota: the “resident” flora and the “transient” flora.



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