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Meeting with Benjamin Knight Fuchs, R. Ph,Pharmacist and Nutritionist

with passion and focus on developing skin health products based on the concept of biomimetics

Euro Cosmetics Magazine March 2023
Marrch 2023

Alison O’Neil: Ben, can you introduce yourself, your professional and personal path?
Benjamin Knight Fuchs: I’m a registered pharmacist, specializing in dermatology and I’ve been compounding skin care formulas both prescription and nonprescription for nearly 40 years.

Alison O’Neil: How do YOU define Biomimetic?
Benjamin Knight Fuchs: Mimicking biology, the same as or analogous to molecules that are already in the body and skin.

Alison O’Neil: When did you learn about these ingredients?
Benjamin Knight Fuchs: Biochemistry 101 as biomimetic ingredients are simply molecules (and ultimately ingredients) that are already in the body and skin.

Alison O’Neil: What inspired you to learn more about them?
Benjamin Knight Fuchs: In my first year of pharmacy school, I took a course called Medicinal Biochemistry and fell in love with the therapeutic potential of molecules native and inherent to the body in skin.

Alison O’Neil: What makes working in the field of Biomimetics so exciting?
Benjamin Knight Fuchs: As a student of biology, particularly to biology of the skin, it’s an honor for me to be able to introduce the remarkable biochemicals that make the skin such a resilient and dynamic organ, to the nonscientific public.

Alison O’Neil: When did you first start using biomimetic ingredients in products?
Benjamin Knight Fuchs: As soon as started formulating prescription dermatological products in the late 1980s. I focused on the use of HIGH CONCENTRATION, biomimetic ingredients.

Alison O’Neil: Have products always been Biomimetic? If so, why is this term JUST now becoming more used?
Benjamin Knight Fuchs: Our understanding of the skin, specifically its components and its healthcare are advancing rapidly, and patients are becoming more sophisticated.

Alison O’Neil: What changes in the skin/skin con-ditions have you been most impressed by?
Benjamin Knight Fuchs: Tissue regeneration, healing, anti-inflammation, dramatic visual appearance of health and a glow of vitality without activating allergic or toxic reactions.

Alison O’Neil: Do Biomimetic ingredients require specific carrier systems?
Benjamin Knight Fuchs: Transdermal penetrants are helpful for carrying lipophilic Biomimetic ingredients and necessary for water soluble ones.

Alison O’Neil: How do they target specific cell functions in the skin?
Benjamin Knight Fuchs: They do not “target specific cell functions”, they target the cell which has had 3.5 billion years of evolution to determine how to target functions.

Alison O’Neil: Are there any cautions that chemists should be aware of when developing BMM products?
Benjamin Knight Fuchs: Some biomimetic ingredients can be unstable so utilizing forms of biomimetic molecules that have more stability is advisable.

Alison O’Neil: How is it best stated when referring to these actives? Biomimetic ingredients? Complete BMM products?
Benjamin Knight Fuchs: I just call them biomimetic ingredients as they are not all active (e.g., biomimetic esters which support transdermal penetration).

Alison O’Neil: Any outstanding factors that you think professionals should know?
Benjamin Knight Fuchs: The most important biomimetic actives are essential nutrients which many patients are deficient in.

Alison O’Neil: What could be done to make Biomimetics a more acknowledged tool in technology?
Benjamin Knight Fuchs: Education.

Alison O’Neil: Why is nature’s approach necessarily the best?
Benjamin Knight Fuchs: Nature’s approach implies familiarity and functionality and leverages the inherent wisdom of billions of years of cellular evolution.

Alison O’Neil: What is most challenging about Biomimetics?
Benjamin Knight Fuchs: Cost.

Alison O’Neil: Ben, what is your favorite biomimetic product and why?
Benjamin Knight Fuchs: Truth Biomimetic Mineral Mist, it’s effective, gentle, inexpensive, and very functional.

Alison O’Neil: Thank you, Ben. Nice speaking with you

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