Natural Cosmetics

By Vijaykumar R Zala, Technical Leader of QA, QC, NPD at Zymo Cosmetics

Nowadays consumer awareness is increasing and due to social media and digital marketing everybody is aware about the Silicone free, Paraben free, Harsh chemical free products, so popularity of natural cosmetics are increasing gradually.

Natural Cosmetics

As far as cosmetic regulatory guideline is concern, there is no clear FDA guideline for natural cosmetics but every country has their own standard for the natural cosmetics. In natural cosmetics includes Ayurvedic Cosmetics, Herbal Cosmetics, Ecocert Cosmetics, Organic Cosmetics, etc …
Basically in consumer point of view, natural cosmetics means it is more safer than others and it has more efficacy than non-natural cosmetics, chemicals are not safe for the human skin like Paraben, petrolatum, silicones, perfumes, etc … and natural cosmetics are bio degradable and recyclable but only it is bio degradable and recyclable, rest of all are not true.
There is no specific guideline for natural cosmetics, every country is using their own guideline like in INDIA – Ayurvedic cosmetic which is regulated by AYUSH department, European countries have specific guideline for Natural and Organic cosmetic which is govern by COSMOS standard.
COSMOS standard is mainly to promote organic farming and non-hazardous manufacturing process.
USDA – US department of Agriculture and Council of Europe’s committee of experts on cosmetic products are monitoring and evolving the meaning of natural and organic cosmetics.


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