Returning to Our Roots

By Rahul Parth, Head of Research And Development at Ascot International (1996) Ltd.

Euro Cosmetics Magazine
March 2024

Introducing ECLIPTA ROOTS, the Revolutionary Hair-Growth stimulating, hair fall & dandruff reducing Botanical Blend from Ascot International

The cosmetics industry is returning to its roots. While microdart patches and vampire facials are recent developments within the beauty industry (McQuarrie, 2024), so too are concepts of “skinimalism” and “clean beauty”. (Burke, 2024; Harrington, 2023) These trends have one common goal: to maximise the benefits of one or two natural products, instead of drenching the skin and hair with multiple mediocre performing ingredients.
“Skinimalism” strips beauty bare, inspiring a sustainable and simple approach to skin and hair care, often by using Ayurvedic herbs that have been around for millennia. These staple botanicals are here to stay, and Ascot International is exemplifying exactly why that is with the launch of their incredible hair blend: Eclipta Roots.

The Ancient Beauty Secrets of Ayurveda

Eclipta Roots is a hair -strengthening, scalp healing natural botanical blend that has clinically-proven benefits for hair-growth stimulation, reduction in hair fall, reduction in dandruff and significant enhancement in texture and volume of hair.
Eclipta Roots helps to re-locate the herbs of ancient Ayurvedic tradition into a modern beauty climate. Ayurveda is one of the oldest holistic medicinal systems known to man, with over 3,000
years of history (NCCIH, 2024). Within this system, there are two primary ways to gain (and maintain) beautiful hair and skin through topical administration. These are through massages using herb-infused oils (Abhyanga), and via the application of water-mixed herb pastes (Lepam).
By unifying these practices with scientific evidence, Ascot International has created a super-powered hair blend that is sustainable, yet delivers on Consumer expectation on high level performance.

A Unique Yet Wholesome Composition

Eclipta Roots is a strong yet simple blend. It is 100% active, highly water-soluble, and is comprised of five natural extracts not widely used in Western Cosmetics:

  • False Daisy (Eclipta Alba) – can prevent hair loss and dandruff (Healthline, 2019; Knibbs, 2020).
  • Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) – can enhance hair density, growth, and thickness (Yerram, 2023)
  • Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus Emblica) – contain hair nourishing nutrients like zinc, folate, iron, selenium, and vitamins A, B & C.
  • Acacia Tree Pods (Acacia Concinna) – has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that soothe the scalp (Sayee, 2023).
  • Indian Pennywort (Centella Asiatica) – promotes growth, moisture and thickness (Y., M., Choi, 2017).

As a potent Ayurvedic blend, Eclipta Roots exists to target two persisting problems: hair fall and hair thinning. A shocking 85% of men and 33% of women will face hair loss or thinning at some
point in their lives (Medihair, 2024). Unsurprisingly, this can cause immense feelings of low-self-esteem and social anxiety. After all, why else would so many hair growth remedies exist in the cosmeceutical market? Yet, Eclipta Roots stands out amongst all of these, flourishing in the sentiment that natural cosmetic problems often have naturally sourced solutions.
The herbs present in Eclipta Roots are used in ingestible supplements and nutritional drinks as part of Ayurveda’s synergistic approach to beauty. In fact, a mix of internal and topical administration is recommended as part of Ayurveda’s synergistic approach to beauty. It truly does take the phrase “beauty comes from within” to a whole new level.
In line with its natural composition, the blend takes the earthy appearance of a light brown powder, ready-to-mix into a multitude of haircare formulations. These include shampoos, conditioners, masks, primers, serums, gels, and mists. If this versatility is not impressive enough, the pH level of Eclipta Roots (1.0% solution) sits comfortably between 5.0 and 7.0. This makes it a front runner for inclusive and diverse hair representation; it will not interfere with the scalp’s natural pH balance, meaning it is suited to formulations for many hair types and conditions.

EURO COSMETICS Magazine • Returning to Our Roots • Rahul Parth, Ascot International • Rahul Parth, Ascot International

Image 1: Eclipta Roots Raw Material Powder Blend (Source: Ascot International, 2024).

EURO COSMETICS Magazine • Returning to Our Roots • Rahul Parth, Ascot International • Rahul Parth, Ascot International
Subjects’ self-assessment at day 56 of study (Source: Ascot International, 2024).
EURO COSMETICS Magazine • Returning to Our Roots • Rahul Parth, Ascot International • Rahul Parth, Ascot International

Figure 1: Percentage (%) of Improvement for Subject Hair Count – an improvement of 38.87% was observed in Hair count as per the Dermlite in 56 days (Source: Ascot International, 2024).

EURO COSMETICS Magazine • Returning to Our Roots • Rahul Parth, Ascot International • Rahul Parth, Ascot International

Figure 2: Eclipta Roots Condensed Interim Results on Test Subjects (Source: Ascot International, 2023)

A Blend Backed by Brand New Studies

This is not just hearsay either. The benefits have been scientifically proven by new clinical trials carried out at Auriga Research Pvt., Ltd. The monocentric study evaluates the effectiveness of
Eclipta Roots in reducing hair fall in healthy adult male & female subjects between the ages of 18 and 55. Subjects all reported experiencing mild to moderate hair fall prior to the study.
Participants applied Eclipta Roots 1% shampoo & serum at regular intervals over a 56-day period, during which there were notable improvements in various hair parameters. Hair growth, volume,
texture, and shine all improved drastically. The raw material blend was also deemed effective in reducing hair fall count and dandruff by dermatologists.
By Day 56 of the study, subject feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with 93% of subjects agreeing their hair fall had reduced and 86% agreeing that dandruff reduced significantly. Astonishingly, 100% of subjects said their hair looked more nourished than before.

EURO COSMETICS Magazine • Returning to Our Roots • Rahul Parth, Ascot International • Rahul Parth, Ascot International

Figure 3: Percentage (%) of Mean Hair Fall Count –a 65.83% hair fall decrease
was observed as per the comb test in 56 days (Source: Ascot International,

EURO COSMETICS Magazine • Returning to Our Roots • Rahul Parth, Ascot International • Rahul Parth, Ascot International

Figure 4: ASFS Scoring Scale for Dandruff – 54.24% flaking decreased
significantly as observed by the Dermatologist in 56 days (Source: Ascot
International, 2024).

As per the Dermatologist’s evaluation, an overall improvement in the parameters like hair growth (39.53%), hair volume (38.10%), hair shine (37.50%), hair texture (47.62%) & overall appearance of hair (31.81%), were observed from the baseline till day 56. Also there was a notable reduction in dandruff as per ASFS scoring of around 54.24% & 65.83% in Hair fall count was observed by Day 56 of the products usage.

The Brand Behind the Blend

So, who are Ascot International and why are they so invested in this Ayurvedic-inspired blend? Ascot International is a UK-based raw materials distributor for personal care, cosmetics, health &
nutrition. The company’s overarching mission is to make companies successful in creating powerful products with a peace of mind. To this end, Ascot International provides extensive technical and regulatory support, and is constantly exploring new and innovative ingredients and zero-waste production processes. The company is clearly aware of the soaring public and industry concerns about sustainable sourcing and manufacturing, concerns resulting in a revitalized interest in “clean” beauty. The company also understands questions as to whether investing in sustainability means sacrificing product performance. Their short answer is no. And this is something Ascot International want to prove by launching Eclipta Roots.
Much like the Ayurvedic beliefs that underpin its composition, the aim with Eclipta Roots is to maintain synergy and balance between human life and nature. The blend accomplishes this in
two ways:

  1. By gathering and processing herbs in zero-waste ways that do not harm the ecosystem. For example, herbs are hand-picked and hand-dried by an all-female self-help group in Uttar Pradesh, India.
  2. By using natural ingredients to tackle the persevering problem of hair loss and hair thinning in people of all ages across the globe.

Eclipta Roots is the newest addition to Ascot’s growing line of active cosmetic blends.

The Anticipated Launch

The most exciting part of all this is that the product launch will take place at InCosmetics Global Paris 16th – 18th April 2024, where all further information will be unveiled at the Innovation
Zone. Ascot International will be giving exhibition attendees the opportunity to sample the finished product and see all the goodness that goes into creating Eclipta Roots. This will include video footage of the zero-waste processes and the chance to speak to Team Ascot about the concept and development of the Eclipta Roots raw material blend. So make sure you book an InCosmetics appointment with Ascot International using the links below. In the meantime, you can direct follow-up questions to any of the contacts below.

Telephone: (+44)161 476 6161
LinkedIn: @Ascot International (1996) ltd.
Location: Ascot House, Welcroft Street, SK1 3DF, UK


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