Sustainable Packaging for the Cosmetic Industry using Mushroom® Packaging

By Christina Turner, Marketing & Sales GROWN bio

May 2023


The cosmetic industry has been undergoing a significant transformation in recent years, with a strong emphasis on natural ingredients, ethical production, and individualized products. In light of these changes, packaging has become a crucial aspect of the industry, with topics such as minimalist design, reduced impact, and increased use of biobased materials and a better end-of-life becoming increasingly important.
Sustainable packaging is critical for the cosmetic industry’s future. That’s why GROWN bio offers packaging solutions that align with the values of the industry. Sustainability is at the core of everything the company does, from the products and packaging to the entire supply chain.

Grown, not manufactured

A popular hashtag for GROWN bio is #GrownNotManufactured. Their innovative approach relies on the natural process of mycelium growth to create the packaging products. At the facility in the Netherlands, the mycelium is the star of the show, quietly and efficiently doing its work. Once filled in a growing form the mycelium creates a rigid shape in only 6 days. At the 6th day, the shapes are taken out of the growth chambers and moved into the drying chambers. In those ovens, the mycelium is killed in two stages. First, at a moderate temperature the products are dehydrated. The outcoming water is later reused in the factory.
The last hours of the drying phase are at a moderate temperature of 80° which kills the mushroom and renders the shape inert: ready to be used as packaging.
So, how does a mycelium factory look like then? It is a spacious place filled with many growth and drying chambers, and a central area where the growing forms are filled and prepared for the mycelium to work its magic #GrownNotManufactured



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