Taking the power of innovation to create a sustainable bioeconomy

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March 2024

At Lignopure, sustainability is rooted in all that we do and who we are. Therefore, we are deeply committed to traceability and responsible supply of renewables because we strongly believe that without traceability, there is no real sustainability.
Our focus is to only use functional sustainable and ethical raw materials to create an environmentally positive impact that benefits our customers and their customers’ sustainability goals. For this, and to ensure the quality of our lignin, we have a socially and environmentally conscious supplier selection process that follows strict regulations to offer safe, sustainable, and functional bio-based lignin solutions to the cosmetic industry. We then only work with suppliers that take advantage of forestry and agricultural residues, do not compete for food supplies, do not endanger biodiversity, and follow strict sustainability standards throughout their supply and manufacturing processes.
Finally, at Lignopure we are strongly dedicated to ensuring that any lignin-based product we manufacture will have no negative impact on the environment and its biodiversity long after the product’s useful life has ended.

Lignin, nature’s powerful multifunctional

Lignin is one of nature’s most abundant polymers found in a wide variety of plants and researchers have been studying it in recent years for its amazing natural properties. Until now, this multitalented material has not received the attention it deserves to be used in high-value applications due to its sturdy nature and challenging processability. However, Lignopure’s patented particle technology patented particle technology, enables the upcycling of this natural powerhouse resulting in safe and effective fine-tuned micro powder ingredients that transfer lignin’s multifunctional properties from plants to a wide range of cosmetic products. All this while preserving lignin’s natural polymeric structure without chemical modification after extraction.

LignoBase, sustainability meets functionality

LignoBase, the first lignin-based line for cosmetic formulations LignoBase is a natural and upcycled multifunctional cosmetic ingredient line extracted from ethically sourced GMO-free plants.
The LignoBase line is a compliant natural alternative, Cosmos Approved, of 100% natural origin according to ISO 16128, and, being polymerized in nature, it is also free from microplastics according to regulation (EU) 2023/2055.
All LignoBases come as a ready-to-incorporate powder with optimized particle size and morphology, that facilitate the transfer of lignin’s multi-protective properties into diverse formulations, making it a great fit for several beauty applications like skin care, sun care, make up, hair and body care.

LignoBase line consists of three variants:

  • LignoBase Cool BE25
  • LignoBase Neutral PS25
  • LignoBase Warm WS25

Lignin’s protective power in one ingredient line

Each LignoBase offers a soft skin feeling with a mattifying effect and oil-adsorbing properties, while their unique polyphenolic molecular structure provides multiple cosmetic functionalities
such as skin protection against free radicals, antioxidant activity in the formulation, and an SPF-boosting effect. Derived from ethically sourced non-food competition biomasses, and using our
patented transformation process that preserves the natural properties of its lignin of origin, each LignoBase is therefore not only multifunctional but a natural, safe and sustainable first-of its-kind ingredient.

LignoBase’s natural polyphenolic structure, with multiple protondonating functional groups, makes it a powerful active with free radical scavenging properties that protects not only the skin cells from harmful oxidative stress, but also acts as a natural antioxidant system for formulations, stabilizing actives, and other liable ingredients. What’s more, with the addition of 5% LignoBase, a regular O/W cream neutralized 70-98% of intracellular free radicals
produced by human keratinocytes in culture.

SPF and UVA-PF Booster:
LignoBase has a unique combination of properties that optimize the performance of mineral and chemical sun care products. Its synergistic interactions with UV filters broaden the protection
spectrum while radical quenching properties stabilize the UV filter system. On the other hand, its scattering microparticles boost the photoprotective efficiency by increasing the optical path
length of the UV rays. In addition, its film-forming capacity allows an even dispersion of the UV filters and promotes full skin coverage.
According to the adjusted Diffey and Robson (1989)/ISO 24443:2012 methodology, incorporation of LignoBase at a 5% concentration into mineral and chemical-based sun care formulations showed a 35-75% boosting effect in their in vitro SPF.

Natural Color:
LignoBase’s natural brown tones simplify the color formulation for many cosmetic applications, in addition to reducing the white cast effect typical of many sun care formulations. Each LignoBase variant has a distinctive undertone, which is key to meeting the requirements of multiple cosmetic applications. In this way, the need to use yellow, red and black iron oxide mixtures can be reduced or avoided in products like tinted sun care, makeup, tinted
multifunctional creams, mascaras, and eye shadows, dry shampoos, among other formulations.

LignoBase provides a rejuvenating soft-focus effect and a velvet finish due to optimized particle size and surface area. Moreover, hydrophobic functional groups give it oil control and mattifying
properties while delivering a smooth and soft texture. The results showed that all LignoBase variants can adsorb more than 100% of their weight for all tested oil types. Moreover, LignoBase had an equal or higher oil adsorption capacity than Kaolin and more than twice the oil adsorption capacity compared with that of Bentonite.

For more information about Lignopure and LignoBase line visit us at: www.lignopure.com.

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