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January / February 2024

About us

We’re Essencia, step into our world. We are the perfect choice for transforming products with natural, essential-oil packed fragrance. Here’s why: We have been in the industry for 75 years – specialising in the sourcing of naturals and development of natural or bespoke fragrances. We harness the power that each specially selected note brings – with a huge selection of 150 pure essential oils and 60 organic essential oils to choose from.
From the first concept to specialist development – we are dedicated to preserving the quality and performance of the raw materials in each blend and fragrant composition.
Our mission, as it always has been, is to reveal the infinite potential of nature and preserve it for future generations. We believe that this is possible thanks to our core values of excellence, responsibility and authenticity. These values that we hold core to our everyday work, are what sets us apart from others in the industry.
The exclusive fragrances we supply are created without any compromise to the natural world. We are proud to make 100% natural fragrances accessible to all businesses – from small start-ups to global leaders in the cosmetic, body care and room fragrances industries.
Client satisfaction comes without compromise. We always listen and adapt to the requirements of our clients – no matter how big or small the business. We’re always happy to tailor our services to any business, and are able to accommodate smaller minimum order quantities of only 1kg.
In a market that is continuously evolving, we pride ourselves on always being one step ahead of the latest creative offerings, sustainable movements and innovative technologies.

Swiss Made, Natural Fragrance

Essencia is based in picturesque Switzerland, and so it’s easy to draw inspiration from the beauty on our doorstep. That means using pure and nature-inspired ingredients in every fragrance.
That’s where our specially adapted TrueScent™ collection steps in. This edit of expertly blended fragrances was designed to meet all clients’ need for pure and natural perfumes. The TrueScent™ selection features over 250 balanced, sophisticated and 100% natural scents. We’re continuously adapting and updating our collection too – ensuring that every client can discover the right fragrance at the right price point every time.
The 100% natural fragrance found in our TrueScent™ collection is adaptable to your brands’ needs and can be used across an array of product types, including: skincare, body care, cleaning products and home fragrance.
We’re proud that all of our pure and completely natural TrueScent™ collection meets the highest standards of green labels in the perfume industry (Cosmos, BDIH, Natrue) and can be adjusted to your specific certification and regulatory needs.

Sustainability Is Woven Through Everything We Do

At Essencia we’re committed to leaving a lighter footprint on the planet. From responsibly sourced ingredients to finding ways to make 100% natural fragrance accessible to everyone in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry – our mission will always be how we can work in harmony with nature. Our exclusive fragrances are developed alongside strict and exclusive partnerships with eco-friendly production facilities who prioritise responsible sourcing and ethical supply chains. This guarantees traceability, transparency, and an environmental respect that meets our own exacting standards before they reach your clients.

Pure Natural Fragrance & Synthetic Blends

We believe that pure natural fragrance and synthetic fragrance both have a significant place in the world of scent development. Although different in production, they both have an important part to play in creating the ultimate fragrances with unique concentrations.

So, what is the difference between the two?

In the world of natural perfumery, raw materials are sourced from all over the world. Many, including exotic fruits, flower petals, wood chips (and more!), are harvested by hand to preserve their true essence. The array of true natural scents is drawn from around 350 raw materials – opposed to synthetic perfumery that utilities 1500 individual scents.

EURO COSMETICS Magazine • We Are Essencia • Essencia AG • Essencia AG
Focusing perfumery around naturals

As well as the difference in sheer volume of choice, natural ingredients used in perfumery are, of course, naturally limited. This is down to a few reasons – their delicate extraction methods and
rarity in the world. Sustainable and ethical certification requirements are also in place to protect some natural, raw materials.
Take for example aquatic notes – these don’t exist naturally or are no longer used due to animal welfare rules. So, developing a synthetic alternative allows developers to still use these nuances in their products.

EURO COSMETICS Magazine • We Are Essencia • Essencia AG • Essencia AG
Bringing your fragrance vision to life

Creating Your Bespoke Fragrance

We understand that every brand has differing desires, and our fragrance designers are always happy to guide brands and businesses through our ready-to-use creations, as well as offering
completely bespoke, tailor-made scents. Fragrance should be developed to your exacting needs, either 100% natural or with synthetics, and that’s why we put the choice in your hands.
If your product selection is beauty, body or skincare based, you may be interested in our allergen-free and low-allergen offering that promise to be kind and gentle on even the most delicate skin,
while still allowing the most breathtaking olfactory experiences.
Delivering a seamless product journey for our clients is important to us. It’s why we’ve developed a brand-new website, dedicated to every professional in this industry.
So, step into the world of Essencia and let us guide you on a sensory journey of new discovery.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:

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