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LignoBase,a natural response to multiple skin concerns

Euro Cosmetics Magazine March 2023
March 2023

Aging skin, sun damage and uneven skin tones rank among the five most common skin concerns nowadays. But this is more than a statistic, it is an urgent call to find solutions that help protect the skin from extrinsic aging factors, like oxidative stress caused by UV irradiation, while also maintaining a natural and beautiful skin look.
In this context, the cosmetic industry has been focusing on researching and developing ingredients with multifunctional properties that lead to simpler formulations. LignoBase is a three-ingredient line that tackles all three concerns at the same time thanks to the natural properties of lignin, an upcycled material made from sustainable plant sources that is about to revolutionize a variety of cosmetic formulations in the color, sun and skincare industries.

A natural upcycled line with the power of lignin

Lignin, the main ingredient in every LignoBase, is a by-product of biorefineries and the pulp and paper industry around the world. However, it has remained an underutilized material for many years.
In the last few decades, research and development on lignin valorization has gained increasing attention and has demonstrated a wide variety of multifunctional properties of great value for cosmetic applications: antioxidant, protective and antimutagenic activity, and color capacities, among others. Unfortunately, the complexity, sturdiness and variability of lignin from different sources has often made it really challenging for high-value industries to take advantage of all the amazing properties lignin has to offer. After years of research and development, Lignopure has developed a patented particle technology that allows the upcycling of this valuable biopolymer, converting crude lignin into our three ready-to-use cosmetic ingredients, LignoBase Cool BE25, LignoBase Neutral PS25 and LignoBase Warm WS25.



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