Loyalty for Lovebrands

An insight by Jörn Bittner


Euro Cosmetics Magazine November / December 2022
November / December 2022

Customers buy their cosmetics online today and in stationary retail around the corner tomorrow. If one product is not in stock the brand with comparable appeal is grabbed. At the same pace at which product loyalty is waning, retailers and branded companies must target the positioning of their products to reach distinctiveness. Within this shift in customer behavior, consumers are the driving force and brand loyalty is becoming the new gold.
As market niches are narrowing, the importance of consumer insights increases significantly for both corporate and marketing practices. Brand loyalty is crystallizing into one of the most important target variables of brand management. Customer empowerment meets love is the new magic strategy and means strengthening the relationship through more emotion and engagement.
This article describes future-proof loyalty marketing. It takes a look at side issues such as brand standing and metaverse and identifies stumbling blocks and observations.


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