Plant-derived Peptides and Biotechnology

Integrating Plant Regeneration Science for Growth Factor-Like Benefits in Skincare

By Ò. Expósito, M. Buchholz, A. Guirado, A. Gallego, M. Mas, P. Riera, D. Luna, S. Laplana,
T. Ruiz, S. Ruiz, M. Gibert, M. Molné*

september / October 2023


Vytrus leverages more than a decade of expertise in plant regeneration processes to maximize the potential of totipotent plant cell cultures. Within this context, small signaling peptides, known as plant oligopeptides, have been identified for their remarkable wound healing properties and growth factor-like effects. These peptides bear a striking resemblance to animal growth factors and engage in analogous physiological cell processes. Notably, they exhibit a significant growth factor effect on ageing human dermal fibroblasts, offering substantial promise for rejuvenating human skin through mechanisms akin to growth factors. Initial test results suggest that these specific phyto-peptidic fractions possess the capability to reverse the senescence phenotype of ageing fibroblasts, effectively impeding cell ageing and stimulating cell proliferation. These findings present compelling prospects for both cosmetic (anti-ageing) and dermatological (skin regeneration, wound healing) applications, harnessing the potential of natural plant peptides.

Key words: Plant Growth Factors, Totipotent Cells, Plant stem cells, Plant peptides, skin rejuvenation

1. Introduction

In today’s dynamic market landscape, the prominence of oligopeptides is indisputable, with widespread applications in both the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Nonetheless, traditional sources for these peptides often rely on human-derived origins, entailing substantial production costs or genetic modifications1,2. Recent examinations have unveiled the remarkable potential of plant-derived oligopeptides, closely mirroring their human counterparts, in instigating the rejuvenation of human skin cells through a growth factor-like effect.



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