Summertime Daily Care

By Giulia Fattorini and Dr. Elisa Altieri

september / October 2023


In recent years, Earth has been experiencing the repercussions of pollution, exemplified by the thinning of the ozone hole. This phenomenon gives rise to numerous inconveniences, foremost among them being the penetration of UV rays through the atmosphere. These UV rays constitute a component of the exposome and are responsible for various skin disorders. Among the types
of UV radiation, sunlight stands as the most prevalent source, giving rise to three primary variants: UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. The majority of skin-penetrating UV rays consist predominantly of UVA, accompanied by a minor quantity of UVB. UVB rays, characterised by their short wavelengths, impact the outer skin layer (the epidermis), engendering skin redness and desquamation. UVA rays, with longer wavelengths, can permeate the intermediate skin layer (the dermis), contributing to skin inflammation, skin aging and itching. 1

The aim of this article is to present three cosmetic active ingredients able to mitigate these issues. In alignment with ROELMI HPC’s methodology, focused on the development of ethical
and nature-based products, these suggested remedies conform to the tenets of sustainability and proven efficacy.



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